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Murdoch blocked from taking over Sky News!
« on: July 20, 2018, 03:22:07 PM »
Rupert Murdoch has been blocked from taking over Sky News. That means he won't be able to add it to his news empire, and won't be able to use it to interfere with our democracy. The public has persuaded the government to accept that the Sky News takeover would give Murdoch more influence over "public opinion and the UK's political agenda". Murdoch won't be able to control Sky News. It's their final decision.

This definitely isn't what Murdoch wanted. And it proves what the public can do when they work together. Murdoch has been using his army of lobbyists to try to get full control of Sky News since 2010.

The government has blocked Murdoch from taking over Sky News, but they've given him the go-ahead to buy the rest of the Sky entertainment business. And now there are other companies in the running who are jostling to buy Sky and Murdoch's company, Fox.

Nobody yet knows what’s going to happen next. Disney might buy Murdoch's entire company - including Sky. Or another company called Comcast might buy Sky instead.

But right now, Murdoch definitely won’t get to take over Sky News, or the extra political power that comes with it. And that's because the public objected so strongly - alongside other media experts, campaigners, and politicians too - all came together to take him head-on.
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