Disappeared and Abducted Children and Young Adults > Spanish youngster Yeremi Vargas (7) disappeared from outside his home in the town of Vecindario, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, on 10th March 2007.

Yeremi Vargas - Abducted from outside his home on Las Palmas.

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Yeremi Vargas (7) disappeared from a plot of ground outside the family home in the Spansh town of Vecindario, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, on 10th March 2007.  This date is somewhat significant as a mere three months later little Madeleine McCann (3) was also to disappear, this time from the sleepy resort of Praia da Luz on the Portuguese Algarve.

Your first reaction might be to think that this was just coincidence, that the two incidents were unrelated and unconnected.  But what if I were to tell you that two Scottish paedophiles were seen in both towns at the time of the disappearances.  That these two individuals were quite happy to talk to investigators about the McCann case but refused point blank to discuss Yeremi's disappearance.

Yeremi Vargas shortly before he was abducted from outside his mother's home.

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Who was/is Yéremi Vargas?

Yéremi, sometimes spelled Jeremi, was a seven year old child who disappeared March 10, 2007, from a plot of land beside his house, where he was playing. His mum saw him play with his yellow bucket as she came home from the store with Yeremi's grandmother. She told him to come inside soon for lunch. He was never seen again. They lived in the Spanish island of Las Palmas.

When she realised what happened, she and the rest of the family started ringing the neighbors' doorbells until a crowd of nearly 100 people was out looking for him. They found the yellow bucket in the gutter behind the Vargas house.

His mum doesn't believe he could have gotten lost or left willingly, as he is a shy and fearful child and instead thinks someone took him. The plot of land lies between two streets, the one Yéremi's house is in and another one. His grandmother believes that someone called him over from this second street, without them realising.


The police don't think Yéremi could have been taken out of the island, as they were made aware of his disappearance within the hour and subsequently closed airports and ports.

According to the Mirror Spanish and Portuguese police are looking into a possible connection to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, who went missing from Portugal just eight weeks later.

This is what Yeremi's mum has to say about both disappearances:

"Jeremy may still be here in the town. It only takes a cellar to keep a child hidden and this town has hundreds of cellars. Perhaps they are sold to families without children or to paedophiles. Either way, I believe my son and Maddy are still alive.

"These are not typical attacks on children they are different - and yet similar to each other."

There's also another lead about two convicted British pedophiles who traveled to Yeremi's neighborhood and resided there for some time during 2007. Apparently, British press calls them the dirty rats because they posed as exterminators to get into their prey's houses. Here's the link where I found it if you'd like to look more into it. Further info about them can be here. (warning: spanish links). Here's an English article

Spanish police don't seem to think there's much to go on there and don't expect to pursue this lead for long. (source). They also say they have another 3 "hot leads" they can't comment on.

Apparently, one of them was also believed to be in Portugal when Maddy went missing. They were investigated but never charged with anything. This is a very tenuous link.

Here is his file from the Spanish police website.


http://www.diariodemallorca.es/nacional/2015/09/17/encuentran-craneo-yeremi-vargas/1055683.html#WvF3aJEY1uB4CQ5GEncuentran un cráneo en Canarias cerca de donde desapareció Yéremi Vargas

"Se va a comprobar si pudiera ser" del niño desaparecido en Gran Canaria en 2007, ha dicho Interior
 17.09.2015 | 10:58

  Yeremi Vargas lleva 8 años desaparecido.
Yeremi Vargas lleva 8 años desaparecido. EFE

El ministro del Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, ha confirmado el hallazgo de un cráneo en Gran Canaria y ha precisado que "se va a comprobar si pudiera ser de Yéremi Vargas", el niño desaparecido en la localidad de Vecindario en 2007.

Así lo ha avanzado en una entrevista en RNE recogida por Europa Press en la que, no obstante, ha pedido mantener la "elemental prudencia". El hallazgo, según fuentes de la Guardia Civil, se ha producido en las inmediaciones de esa localidad del sureste de Gran Canaria.

Las fuentes han precisado que el tamaño de los restos podrían corresponder a una persona de edad aproximada a la de Yéremi, que desapareció en la localidad de Vecindario cuando tenía siete años.

Alerta de un vecino Una alerta dada por un ciudadano que informó del hallazgo casual de restos humanos cuando paseaba por un solar de la zona de El Doctoral de Santa Lucía de Tirajana sobre las siete de la tarde de ayer activó a la Guardia Civil, que envió de inmediato agentes al lugar para investigar los huesos encontrados, según han confirmado fuentes del instituto armado.

Y han precisado que lo hallado hasta ahora es parte del cráneo de una persona de edad infantil y que, tras vigilar el lugar durante la noche en espera de que la luz diurna facilitara el trabajo, esta mañana se ha procedido a acotar el solar en que se encontró para iniciar una búsqueda más amplia por si se localizaran más restos u otros indicios que pudieran aportar información sobre su origen e identidad.

Un equipo del laboratorio criminalístico y personal de la policía judicial de la Guardia Civil toman parte en esa búsqueda, han añadido.

Desde el instituto armado han admitido que no se descarta que los restos pudieran ser de Yeremi Vargas pero han subrayado que "todavía es muy temprano" para confirmar que eso sea así o que, por el contrario, los huesos sean de otra persona.

Por ello, han pedido "prudencia" y, sobre todo, "respeto a la familia" del pequeño, a la que han explicado que se informó del hallazgo desde el primer momento, ya que "el contacto es permanente" con ella desde que ocho años atrás se produjera la desaparición del niño, pero advirtiendo de que todavía no se podía hacer afirmación cierta alguna.

Google translate:-

They found a skull in the Canary Islands near Yeremi Vargas Missing

"It's going to check if it could be" the missing child in Gran Canaria in 2007, said Interior
 17.09.2015 | 10:58

  Yeremi Vargas takes eight years disappeared.
Yeremi Vargas takes eight years disappeared. EFE
 EP / EFE /

Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz, confirmed the discovery of a skull in Gran Canaria and has stated that "it will check if it could be of Yeremi Vargas," the boy disappeared in the town of Vecindario in 2007.

So what progress has been made in an interview on RNE collected by Europa Press in which, however, has called for maintaining "prudence". The finding, according to sources from the Civil Guard, has occurred in the vicinity of the town southeast of Gran Canaria.

Sources have indicated that the size of the remains could correspond to a person close to that of Yeremi, who disappeared in the town of Vecindario when he was seven years of age.

Alert neighbor

 A warning given by a citizen who reported the incidental finding of human remains when walking through a plot of the El Doctoral Santa Lucia de Tirajana on seven p.m. yesterday activated the Civil Guard, who immediately sent officers to scene to investigate the bones found, sources have confirmed the military institution.

They have pointed out that what was found so far is part of the skull of an individual child age and that, after watching the place at night, waiting for daylight facilitate the work, this morning we have proceeded to narrow the lot on which He was found to initiate a broader search if more remains or other evidence that might provide information about their origin and identity were located.

A team from the crime lab staff and the judicial police of the Guardia Civil took part in that search, they have been added.

From the Civil Guard they have admitted that it is possible that the remains could be Yeremi Vargas but stressed that "it is too early" to confirm that this is so or, conversely, the bones are of another person.

Therefore, they have called for "prudence" and, above all, "respect for the family" small, which have explained that reported finding from the outset, because "the contact is permanent" with her since eight years before the child's disappearance occurred, but warned that it still could not make a certain statement.

The skeletal remains found in Vecindario not Yeremi Vargas

The bones are of elderly woman


There is the possibility of closure to this case.

(translated by Google)

The suspect in the disappearance of Yeremi Vargas, on trial for alleged abuses another child

The defendant, Antonio O.B., known as "El Rubio", this procedure is facing a sentence request by the Prosecutor's Canary thirteen years in prison
Efe - Las Palmas
11/03/2016 - 15: 14h
The suspect had kidnapped the child nine years ago in Vecindario Yeremi Vargas, Antonio O.B., known as "El Rubio". EFE / Elvira Urquijo A.
The suspect had kidnapped the child nine years ago in Vecindario Yeremi Vargas, Antonio O.B., known as "El Rubio". EFE / Elvira Urquijo A.
A fellow prisoner of 'El Rubio' declares that this told him that another neighbor Neighborhood killed Yeremi
The suspect in the disappearances of Yeremi Vargas, in custody for illegal retention of a child for hours
A protected witness puts 'El Rubio' in the scene when she disappeared Yeremi Vargas
The suspect in the disappearances of Yeremi Vargas, in custody for illegal retention of a child for hours
The suspect in the disappearance of Yeremi Vargas refuses to testify and that will take DNA
TAGS: Yeremi Vargas, El Rubio, Vargas, Antonio O.B
Hearing of Las Palmas judge from Monday to suspect in the disappearance of Yeremi Vargas for an alleged sexual assault on another minor, occurred in the town of El Doctoral in July 2012.

The defendant, Antonio O.B., known as El Rubio, this procedure is facing a sentence request by the Prosecutor's Canary thirteen years in prison.

The facts that are imputed to El Rubio in this case occurred on the afternoon of July 19, 2012, when he allegedly accosted a nine year old boy who was playing on the street and offered to give him a bicycle if you accompany her shanty .

The prosecution says Antonio O.B. then he introduced to force the child in his house and raped her.

Rubio is in custody for these events since 14 March last year.

In one of the prisons for which has passed since then, Algeciras (Cádiz), made a number of comments to other prisoners on the case of Yeremi that led to the Civil Guard to point out as allegedly responsible for his disappearance, which occurred in 2007 in Vecindario, a town next to El Doctoral.

The team of the Civil Guard has dealt with the case Yeremi in these nine years suspicion of El Rubio for several indications, such as that owned the car that was seen near the site where the child was playing that day or circumstance that lived relatively close to the family.

He has also observed some parallels between the crime of 2012 for which he will be tried next week and what could happen to Yeremi, and features demonstrations Antonio O.B. He has performed in prison, boasting that knows what happened to the child Neighborhood.

The trial for the alleged sexual assault of 2012 will begin on Monday at 9.45 am in the sixth section of the Court of Las Palmas


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