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[1] New documentary: "The Phantoms" by Richard D Hall

[2] Uncut video footage of the McCanns, Murat, GNR dogs etc around Luz

[3] The OFFICIAL Madeleine Mccann - Cutting Edge video - Tapas 9 Reconstruction

[4] Unique view of Praia da Luz beach and Rocha Negra (Black cliffs) from the air.

[5] New Maddie McCann Video May Help Authorities Crack the Case

[6] The Lying Game - The Crimes That Fooled Britain

[7] UK Police Commissioner on status of Operation Grange 20/2/2014 Radio 5

[8] New documentary:"BURIED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA -The True Story of Madeleine McCann.

[9] Crimewatch Appeal 14 Oct 2013 and response update


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