Alleged Miscarriages of Justice > Jeremy Bamber and the callous murder of his father, mother, sister and twin nephews. Case effectively CLOSED by CCRC on basis of NO APPEAL REFERRAL.

HBO Max streaming of 'The Murders at WHF'.

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A series of podcasts to accompany the videos ...

‘Examining the case of Jeremy Bamber, who was convicted of murdering both of his parents, his sister and her six-year-old twin sons at the family farmhouse in Essex in August 1985. The programme analyses the events of that fateful night, the subsequent investigation, and what was - and wasn't - presented at the trial of Bamber, asking whether someone else could have killed the family at White House Farm.

Executive Producer Helen Tonge

‘Helen Tonge, Managing Director, Executive Producer and Co-Founder, Title Role Productions

Title Role Productions was set up in 2005 and specialises in factual and factual entertainment content. Having established a strong reputation for high quality and thought-provoking content, several of the company’s long running series have received Royal Television Society and Australian Academy Awards.

Helen has developed and produced a wide range of series and one-off documentaries at Title Role, which have been successful both in the UK and around the world, with the Crimes That Shook series transmitting in over 150 countries. Some of the recent shows include All Inclusive: Is It Worth It? (Channel 5), Inside British Airways (Channel 5), Paedophile Hunters: The Rise of the Vigilantes (BBC Three), Crimes That Shook Britain (A+E Networks) and Crimes That Shook Australia (Foxtel Networks).

Helen is also an appointed council member on the board of PACT and on the committee of the Royal Television Society North West.



Pact is a highly effective campaigning and lobbying organisation for its members. Our dedicated policy team works to ensure that the voice of indie producers is represented to those governing our country and factored into their decision making. Our aim is to achieve the best economic, regulatory and legislative environment in which our members’ businesses can thrive.

How we work

Pact works with parliamentarians, government officials and industry partners to try to improve the regulatory environment for UK indies. We also respond to political and regulatory reviews on behalf of our members and submit evidence to inquiries such as the Lords Communications and Digital Committee; International Trade Committee; and the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

We like to draw on the vast experience and expertise of our members through working groups, consultations and surveys on particular issues. By listening to the views and lived experiences of Pact members we can better understand the issues you face and how we can support you through our policy work.

Currently, we have a range of key issues that we are focused on for Pact members, including the COVID-19 crisis; Brexit; the upcoming Ofcom PSB Review; BBC Studios and BBC Charter; and broadcaster investment in the nations and regions. You can find more details about these below.

Another key part of our policy work is gathering data. We survey our members annually to provide accurate data and a clear vision of what the TV industry looks like today, which helps to inform our conversations with stakeholders and our strategy as an organisation going forward. We produce two key annual reports on the state of the industry: The Pact Census (last published 6th September 2019) and the UK TV Exports Report (last published 25th October 2019).

Episode Two - 'The Family', in which Colin Caffell is interviewed and reveals a little more about the Bambers' Wills.  Turn your adblocker off temporarily if you use one, otherwise the podcast won't play...

Alternative link...

Episode Three - The Evidence.  The first of two interviews with Carol Ann Lee in which she has a dig at the Bamber CT...

Episode 4 - The Police.  With Carol Ann Lee again...

Screenwriter Kris Mrksa next week, but a taster interview here...


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