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The SCCRC secret 800 page report into Abdelbasetís conviction


The SCCRC secret 800 page report into Abdelbasetís conviction

Last week Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland said that while it was an offence for the Commission to disclose information obtained in its investigations, he considered "it would not be in the public interest to prosecute, given the selective publication" in the media.

The SCCRC took four years to consider the Lockerbie bomber's case.

It produced an 821-page document which referred Megrahi's conviction for the 1988 bombing back to the appeal court for the second time.

Statement of reasons

The document - called a statement of reasons - has never been published in full before, even though Megrahi abandoned his appeal shortly before he was allowed to return home to Libya in August 2009 because he was suffering from terminal prostate cancer. He is still alive.

The SCCRC Report

Previously secret 800 page Report into Abdelbasetís conviction, published in conjunction with the Sunday Herald on 25 March 2012. The report outlines six grounds upon which Abdelbaset may have suffered a miscarriage of justice. Owing to uploading restrictions, it is broken down into eight sections.

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