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20th March 2014

Notícias ao Minuto
The British police's new suspect was already investigated by the PJ and is dead

Yesterday, the British police announced that it is investigating a new lead within the alleged abduction of Madeleine McCann, in 2007, but the suspect was already investigated (and excluded) by the Judiciary Police, Diário de Notícias reports. The man died in 2009.

The new suspect that Scotland Yard was announced yesterday to be investigating, within the alleged abduction of Madeleine McCann, in 2007, has already been investigated by the Polícia Judiciária and was dead since 2009, Diário de Notícias reports.

Euclides Monteiro, who was described by witnesses, at the time, as a man with tanned skin and dark, unruly hair, is a Cape Verde native, worked at the Ocean Club (the tourist complex where Maddie's family was spending their holiday) and died in 2009 in a tractor accident.

The inquiry was reopened by the PJ, based on the discovery of this suspect and the British press even reported the Portuguese authorities' lead.

Information that was advanced yesterday by the British authorities mention "a potential suspect of 12 crimes that took place between 2004 and 2010", who "from 2004 until 2006 sexually molested five white British girls aged between seven and 10".

The deceased Cape-Verdian man was responsible for several burglaries and laid on the childrens' beds, according to a PJ source, but never committed any rape. All of these developments were investigated by the GNR, initially, and then passed on to the PJ, which shared them with Scotland Yard.

20 March 2014

The Guardian

Madeleine McCann suspect 'died in 2009'

Revelation by source close to investigators comes day after new appeal for information on British girl's disappearance in Portugal

A suspect in the Madeleine McCann case who may have sexually assaulted five British girls in the Algarve up to 10 years ago died in 2009, according to a source close to Portuguese investigators into the disappearance of the three year-old.

The source also said there had been another so far unpublicised incident in which another British girl on holiday with her parents was sexually abused, although he did not go into when this came to light nor where or when it took place.

The revelations came the day after the Metropolitan police in Britain appealed for information on a total of 12 incidents in which an intruder entered holiday accommodation in three resort areas including one where Madeleine, then three, went missing in May 2007. Four of these cases, between 2004 and 2006, involved assaults on girls aged seven to 10 and one involved two children, according to Scotland Yard, although police in both countries have looked at incidents up to 2010, three years after Madeleine vanished.

The Guardian's source was careful to say the police had come to "no definitive conclusions" about the Cape Verdean national Euclides Monteiro, who died, aged 40, in a tractor accident. His name previously emerged in Portugal as a possible suspect in November although the interest of Portuguese and UK authorities in any connection to sexual assaults had not been made public at that time.

The claim comes amid growing tensions between authorities in the two countries over the handling of the case. The Met would not comment on the reports. It reopened its inquiries into Madeleine's disappearance last summer and Portuguese authorities followed suit in October.

David Cameron said on Thursday that he was ready to help bring pressure to bear on Lisbon, after senior Met officers expressed frustration at the slow international legal process they believe is delaying their investigations and preventing them working on the ground in Portugal.

The Portuguese source said the police had been investigating Monteiro before Lisbon officialy reopened its McCann inquiries. "It was on based on the combination of leads that the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) decided to request permission to resume investigations into the case. The public prosecutor's office agreed with our evaluation and ordered the case to be reopened," the source said.

"The specific nature of these cases are not only unique to the Algarve, but the whole of Portugal, hence our particular interest. The name Euclides Monteiro did not fall from the sky and was convenient because he was deceased."

Scotland Yard officers and Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry were given a presentation in Lisbon over the direction Portuguese authorities were taking in October, said the source. "Maps and satellite photographs were exhibited during this presentation. These images are similar to those which [the Metropolitan Police] uploaded on to their website following Wednesday's press conference," the source said.

Monteiro lived and often worked near holiday homes where the victims were staying at the time the crimes were perpetrated, he said. The source said the assailant was described by his victims as smelling of tobacco and speaking English but in a foreign accent. Some details are similar to those released by British authorities this week, but the sources said some of the victims described the man as being of African origin. None had discounted the possibility.

The description issued by Scotland Yard did not say the man they were seeking may have been of African origin, describing him the man as "having dark (as in tanned) skin".

Up until six months before the disappearance of Madeleine, Monteiro had been an employee at the Ocean Complex in Praia da Luz, the resort in which the McCann's stayed, and was a residentthere at the time of her disappearance, the source said.

"The inquiry remains open and so too does the investigation. We have not drawn any definitive conclusions as to whether or not Euclides is our man.

"It has come to light that there was a fifth case with striking similarities to the four cases made public on Wednesday and all follow a similar modus operandi, which leads us to believe that the same person perpetrated these five crimes and that he could also be responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

"This is the line of inquiry Portuguese police have been following since the reopening of the case, which is that which the Metropolitan police made public on Wednesday.

"Portuguese police are dealing with a case which is seven years old and, coupled with the fact that the line of inquiry being followed involves a deceased person, further complicates the investigation. These cases are unique not only to the Algarve, but Portugal as a whole.

"Euclides is someone who we believe could have been involved in these five crimes – it is only a possibility – that he could have been responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

"There are some other elements of interest to investigators which I cannot disclose as this moment, but I stress that these factors only make the sequence of events to which I refer a possibility."

Police in London have acknowledged differences between the potentially linked cases they have been investigating – including the time they took place and the fact there were no abductions. In six of the 12, the suspect either sat or lay on a child's bed, although sexual assaults occurred in just four cases. In nine cases, there was no forced entry or stolen property and where there was it was minimal.

The Lisbon source insisted the investigation was proceeding steadily "but with the discretion that has characterised it from the beginning".

The prime minister's official spokesman said Cameron would be prepared to "make further representations" to Lisbon if it could help Scotland Yard.

UK police said they had received more than 250 calls and emails in response to the latest appeal on Wednesday. "We are reviewing this information and following up lines of inquiry. This is still very early stages," said Scotland Yard.
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Re: Tractor Man (Euclides Monteiro)
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21st March 2014

Daily Star

Sex beast in Maddie case dead: Police identify prime suspect

POLICE in Portugal claim they know the identity of the sex beast British cops believe was involved in Madeleine McCann's disappearance – and he’s dead.

Their prime suspect for attacks on five other UK girls on the Algarve is an African burglar called Euclides Monteiro, who died in 2009.

The heroin addict used to work as a waiter at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz on the Algarve but was sacked a year before Madeleine stayed there with her parents. He was killed in a tractor accident, aged 40, two years after the three-year-old vanished.

British detectives this week began a Europe-wide hunt for the paedophile, who was known to sneak into holiday homes late at night and molest girls aged between six and 12.

Nine attacks were reported to Portuguese police between 2004 and 2009.

Then three new victims came forward after Scotland Yard officers revealed on Crimewatch last year they were probing the possibility Madeleine had been snatched by burglars.

The incidents all took place in a 60km strip of the Algarve between Vale da Parra and Carvoeiro.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is heading the inquiry, claimed the fiend could also have targeted Madeleine.

He said there was a possibility "she did not leave the apartment alive".But last night Portuguese police accused the Met of "hijacking" their work.

A source said: "All the cases mentioned were investigated by us here. Monteiro was arrested but freed because of lack of evidence."

The Cape Verde immigrant had been working at a water treatment plant in the town of Lagos, near Praia da Luz, when the McCanns arrived for their holiday in 2007.

But days before Madeleine disappeared, he was signed off sick and did not return to work for two months. Mobile phone data analysis placed him near the McCanns' apartment when she vanished.

A local source said: "He is the main suspect for the incidents involving the girls on holiday and was questioned but there was insufficient evidence."

Euclides’ widow Luisa, 40, has insisted her late husband and father of her child had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance.

She said: "He may have broken into houses when he was younger because he was poor and had a drug habit. I know Euclides is an innocent man."

British police were last night sifting through information contained in more than 250 calls and emails from the public following their television appeal to trace the sex attacker.

Asked last night about the Portuguese police's claims about Monteiro, a Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We are not prepared to discuss it."
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Re: Tractor Man (Euclides Monteiro)
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23rd March 2014

Sunday Express

Scotland Yard and Portuguese police fall out over identity of key Madeleine McCann suspect

SCOTLAND Yard's hunt for Madeleine McCann is in jeopardy because of foot-dragging by Portuguese police who think they know who was responsible for her disappearance.

High-ranking officers in Portugal are convinced African thief Euclides Monteiro took Madeleine and was responsible for sex attacks on five other British girls before being killed in a tractor accident in 2009.

However, the frustrated Yard team believes there is insufficient evidence. One attack believed to be significant to the Madeleine inquiry took place the year after Monteiro died. The clash is threatening to stall the Yard probe at a crucial time, with detectives here having made 287 requests for leads to be  pursued in Portugal.

The Sunday Express understands they have asked for forensic work at holiday apartments where sex attacks took place, in their hunt for a breakthrough clue, a fingerprint or hair.

Yet delays by Portuguese officials are slowing progress and increasing tensions between the two forces.

Last week Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt admitted he was "frustrated" with the pace of the investigation.

The Yard is interested in Monteiro but pointedly declined to name him during a briefing for journalists last week when it made a fresh appeal for help from the public. The ex-junkie was sacked as a waiter at an Ocean Club restaurant in Praia da Luz for stealing a year before Madeleine vanished from a holiday apartment there in May 2007.

Portuguese police have been interested in the volume of calls on his mobile phone on the night she vanished, which indicate he was near the scene.

Yard officers want to know if he acted alone as a thief or was part of a wider, more sinister paedophile ring which could still pose a risk to British children holidaying on the Algarve.

They also want to investigate possible links with burglars operating in Praia da Luz whom he was known to associate with.

Last week the Yard revealed it was focusing on 12 "potentially" linked break-ins between 2004 and 2010 on the western Algarve. In four cases between 2004 and 2006 a man sexually assaulted five white girls aged between seven and 10 in their beds. Two were assaulted in one villa.

The man remained calm throughout all the attacks and even when disturbed by waking parents or children he made no attempt to run away, leaving villas slowly, apparently unconcerned about being caught.

Two break-ins occurred in Praia da Luz in 2006 and 2010 but children were not assaulted in those incidents. As Monteiro died in 2009 he could not have been responsible for the last break-in in 2010.

In most of the 12 cases nothing was taken and there was no sign of forced entry, suggesting access to holiday apartment keys. All were within about an hour’s drive.

The Yard said: "Witnesses describe the man as having dark, as in tanned, skin with short dark unkempt hair. He spoke English with a foreign accent. His voice was described as slow or possibly slurred."

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood said: "We need to establish the identity of this man. These offences are very serious and no one has been charged. We also need to eliminate this man from our inquiries and ascertain whether these offences are linked to Madeleine's disappearance."

Portuguese police later leaked that the person being sought was identified by their officers as Monteiro, although he was never formally charged with any of the offences because of insufficient evidence.

However, the information offered by the Yard suggests it is far from convinced by the evidence uncovered by Portuguese detectives. They have Monteiro's DNA as the Cape Verde immigrant had served time for theft.

British officers have pointed out to the Portuguese that a key sighting of a man holding a child in Luz at 10pm, shortly after Madeleine was taken, was not of a black man. Irishman Martin Smith and family saw him.

Former Portuguese inspector Goncalo Amaral was about to fly Mr Smith to Portugal when he was removed from the case. DCI Redwood said last week: "We still need to establish the identity of a man seen by three witnesses, carrying a child fitting Madeleine's description towards the beach or town at about 22.00 on the night Madeleine disappeared.

"The witnesses have described the man in the e-fits as being white, aged in his 30s, with short brown hair of medium build, medium height and clean shaven."
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Re: Tractor Man (Euclides Monteiro)
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28th March 2014

Update: Madeleine McCann’s case in a right old muddle – by Len Port

News of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann seems to be going round in circles. ‘Revelations’ turn out to be old stories recycled. ‘Key suspects’ come and go and are then brought back again. ‘New leads’ seem to be leading nowhere.
The British newspaper Mirror on March 25 declared: “Mirror investigation reveals that sicko David Reid was hiding in the Algarve at the time Madeleine McCann was taken from Praia da Luz.” The Daily Mail followed with much the same story.
Far from this being news, Reid’s criminal record and presence in the Algarve village of Carvoeiro was written about by the News of the World in 2006. Similar reports appeared in newspapers in Portugal in May 2008.
A popular musician and well-known locally as ‘Irish Dave’, Reid admitted he had served 18 months of a three-year sentence for indecent assault and gross indecency, as a result of complaints from his own children.
But he insisted he was not a pedophile and told reporters in 2008 he was “glad the skeletons are out of the closet.” He hoped people would let him “live in peace.”
Of course he was not counting on a ‘revelation’ as a result of a Mirror ‘investigation’ six years on.
The gist of the latest statement from the Met police in London on their investigation also sounded remarkably similar to what has long been in the public domain, but the so-called ‘quality’ press, along with the tabloids, churned it out as if it were not only a hot new lead, but even “a breakthrough.”

The Met statement appealed for further information on “a potential linked series of twelve crimes which occurred between 2004 and 2010, mostly in low season, whereby a male intruder has gained access to mainly holiday villas occupied by UK families on holiday in the Western Algarve.”
In four of the cases, the intruder is alleged to have sexually assaulted five white girls, aged between seven and ten years, in their beds.
Senior ex-police officers, led by former detective inspector Dave Edgar and hired by parents Kate and Gerry, looked into sexual attacks on at least five English girls between 2004 and 2007. Their findings were described in some detail by the News of the World in May 2009.
Kate McCann also wrote about the assaults in her book published in May 2012: “One of the most concerning and upsetting pieces of information to emerge quite early was the record of sexual crimes against children in the Algarve. This discovery made me feel physically sick. I read of five cases of British children on holiday being sexually abused in their beds while their parents slept in another room. In three further incidents, children encountered an intruder in their bedrooms, who was presumably disturbed before he had the chance to carry out an assault.”
Yet even The Times last week felt moved to report that “A sex attacker who preyed on young British girls holidaying with their families on the Algarve is a key suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann seven years ago, police said today.”
Other “key” suspects over the past few months have included Gypsies, British cleaners, bogus East European charity workers and two mystery German-speaking men, but according to the latest Met statement, witnesses described the supposedly lone sex attacker as “having dark (as in tanned skin) with short dark unkempt hair.”
The Met did not identify the latest “key” suspect, but a headline in the Guardian the day after the Met appeal read: “Madeleine McCann suspect died in 2009.”
It called this a “revelation” gleaned from “a source close to Portuguese investigators.”
We had read it all before, of course.
Early last November, the Daily Mail, among many other papers, named and carried a photograph of a 40-year-old black African, saying the Portuguese police believed he may have killed Madeleine two years before he died in a tractor accident.
This disclosure came soon after all the BBC Crimewatch fuss over new e-fit images that turn out not be new at all, depicting a man who certainly did not look like a black African.
The Guardian’s source said the dead man had been at the center of Portuguese police inquiries since they reopened the case last October, but they had not drawn any definite conclusions about him.
He “could” have been involved in the five assaults on white girls – and even the disappearance of Madeleine – but it was no more than a “possibility,” the source said.
The Guardian also ran a story last week headlined: “Madeleine McCann: a breakthrough that could be devastating.”
It did not mean devastating to the widow of the smeared African, a man with no record of child molestation and no opportunity to defend himself.
The Guardian explained that by identifying a series of sex attacks, the Met Police had made a breakthrough in its investigation, but that based on similar cases, “it could mean an end to hopes that Madeleine is alive.”
It is a hope many have long abandoned. Even Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, the senior British investigating officer, has conceded she may have died in the apartment.
Portuguese detectives and prosecutors, as well as specialist British investigators and a British police dog handler, came to that conclusion years ago.
The former lead detective in the original Portugal investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, reiterated in a recent interview his firm belief that Madeleine died in the apartment the same day or night she disappeared.
As reported in the Algarve Resident, he claimed his investigation was marred by high-level political involvement, which left DNA samples untested and key witnesses overlooked.
Amaral and his many supporters completely reject the notion that Madeleine was abducted – and, indeed, there is no hard evidence to support the theory.
In using the term ‘abduction’ or ‘kidnapping’ of Madeleine McCann, the mainstream media rarely qualify this assertion with words such as ‘alleged,’ ‘possible’ or ‘suspected.’
Nor were such words used when Redwood said last week: “The Metropolitan Police Service continues to offer a reward of up to £20,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of the person(s) responsible for the abduction of Madeleine McCann from Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3rd, 2007.”
Twenty thousand pounds! It’s a far cry from the £2.5 million reward offered within days of Madeleine’s disappearance, and a drop in the ocean compared to the millions Kate and Gerry have since received in donations, on top of the amount the Met has spent so far in its fruitless search.
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4th May 2014

Burglar 'was quizzed over sex assaults linked to Madeleine McCann before he died'

A SUSPECT in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was quizzed about a string of sex assaults linked to the youngster's disappearance before he died, his widow said last night

Euclides Monteiro's wife Luisa Rodrigues said Portuguese police probing Madeleine's abduction questioned the convicted burglar the year after she vanished about a spate of sex attacks at Algarve holiday villas.

She claimed DNA tests had put the recovering heroin addict - a former worker at the Ocean Club holiday complex Madeleine vanished from seven years ago today - in the clear.

And she insisted detectives leading the hunt for Madeleine never asked Cape Verde-born Monteiro, who died in a 2009 tractor accident, about the missing child.

The revelation, pointing to an apparent failure by Portuguese detectives to link the breaks-ins to Madeleine's abduction early on, will raise fresh concern about the original police probe which led to her parents Gerry and Kate being made suspects.

It also raises questions about why Portuguese police heading a cold case review decided to question Monteiro's widow last year after making a link between Madeleine McCann's 2007 disappearance and the sex attacks his widow says he proved five years earlier he had nothing to do with.

British police heading a separate probe into Madeleine's disappearance are trying to identify a serial sex attacker who may have struck at least 18 times in Algarve holiday resorts, starting in 2004.

They have described the intruder as "smelly and pot-bellied", wearing a burgundy top with a distinctive white circle on the back - but never pointed the finger at Monteiro.

Ms Rodrigues' claims that Portuguese detectives believed the Algarve sex assaults were the work of one man as far back as 2008 will also lead to questions about why they were only made public recently.

Euclides' widow, who never spoke about her late partner's 2008 police quiz when she admitted earlier this year two Portuguese women detectives had questioned her last October, broke her silence on Portuguese state broadcaster RTP, Insisting he had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance and went straight after finishing a five-year prison sentence in 1999.

She told the TV station: "Euclides was summonsed to the police station in Portimao, the same one heading the Madeleine McCann investigation, in 2008.

"He was told they were looking for a tall black man who had broken into country homes and sexually assaulted children inside.

"He didn't commit a single crime after he left prison.

"He denied any involvement in the indecent assaults. Police did DNA tests at the time and ruled him out as a suspect and apologised for troubling him.

"They never mentioned Madeleine McCann. Until the day he died the police never contacted him again."

Luisa also gave her late husband an alibi over Madeleine - by producing a poem she said he had written on his computer around the time she vanished.

She said computer records showed he wrote at 9pm on May 3 2007 - an hour before Kate McCann discovered Madeleine missing.

She added: "I know Euclides had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance. It's impossible he had a double life. I knew everything about him."

Porto-based Policia Judiciaria officers heading a review into the Algarve-led Madeleine McCann investigation began to suspect Monteiro after pinpointing him to the area where the British youngster disappeared from by his mobile phone.

Kate McCann, 46, made a veiled attack on the Portuguese police ahead of the seventh anniversary of her daughter's disappearance today.

British police have to send time-consuming international 'Letters of Request' to Portugal every time they want something done.

Met Police said recently they were confident of being able to start "operational activity" in Portugal soon but their hopes have so far failed to materialise and their desire for a joint investigation has also been rejected.

Kate said: "The passing of further weeks and months as a result of unnecessary delays and barriers are not only frustrating, they are distressing.

"Each day without Madeline and each day of not knowing is another day too many."

Madeleine McCann suspect was 'questioned about 18 sex attacks' linked to her disappearance before he died, his widow has revealed
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Re: Tractor Man (Euclides Monteiro)
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Having reread this topic, I am wondering if Brückner and deceased and sacked Monteiro, knew each other at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance. He is said to be a burglar and living in Lagos at the time. Is his mobile perhaps the one German authorities are trying to trace on the night?

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Re: Tractor Man (Euclides Monteiro)
« Reply #21 on: October 31, 2020, 11:42:52 PM »
Having reread this topic, I am wondering if Brückner and deceased and sacked Monteiro, knew each other at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance. He is said to be a burglar and living in Lagos at the time. Is his mobile perhaps the one German authorities are trying to trace on the night?

Again from memory, Anthro.

Didn't Eucledes work at the Boavista Golf Course?
Didn't Christian Bruckner collect lost golf balls from the nearby Golf Course (Boavista)

Bruckners villa was one field away from the western tip of that golf course  (200 metres)
As additionally, it seems that both are burglars, I would think it highly likely that they would know each other