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The murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan.


I was just wondering if anyone's ever posted about this murder?it was about twenty five years ago and the police allegedly paid two men to do it

Daniel Morgan was a private investigator who was murdered in Sydenham, south east London, in March 1987. He was said to have been close to exposing important police corruption. His death was the subject of several failed police inquiries and in 2011 was at the centre of allegations concerning the suspect conduct of News of the World journalists. Morgan's unsolved murder has been described as a reminder of the London police culture of corruption and unaccountability.

hi John ,I have a fair bit of knowledge on it ,as I know one of the accused brothers,so took an interest in the case,what a terrible fiasco for the Morgan family,and in my opinion ,brought complete shame on the police,when I say I have knowledge ,I mean knowledge that is in the public domain .not inside knowledge
regards cobdale

Holly Goodhead:

A report due out has been delayed.

Daniel Morgan report ‘delayed due to unnecessary Home Office review’


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