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Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton (WAP) exit from Luke Mitchell case!

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Well, knock me down with a feather!!...Sandra Lean gets it wrong again!!

After many long years promoting the 'Luke Mitchell is innocent' agenda, Dr Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton have called it a day and exited from the case.  Has this something to do with what I predicted quite some time ago and that it that the SCCRC have refused to refer the case to Edinburgh's Court of Appeal.

Sandra Leans co admin at Wrongly Accused Person Organsation, Billy Middleton, explains in his latest rendering...

The road to where things now are for Luke and his case has been a long, difficult and often stressful one for all those who have genuinely believed in and supported him. I say genuinely because, as we know from experience, not everyone who becomes involved in cases such as this have genuine motives. Sandra became involved at a much earlier stage than most, but I don't think anyone with any credibility would suggest she has been anything other than supportive, or that she hasn't tried hard for almost 11 years, at great personal hardship, and often in difficult circumstances, to both help and to expose facts of the case which otherwise would probably still not be known.

Unfortunately, shortly before the SCCRC refusal, at a time when she knew it's decision was imminent, Sandra came to a point whereby she was no longer prepared to carry on and wrote to Luke explaining why. She remains supportive to this day. Anyone involved in the horror of fighting a wrongful conviction will understand the ever present difficulties of the situation.

Luke was merely a child himself when he was incarcerated, now, although he's not been allowed to develop as he should have been, he's a man. What he does now, and the choices he now makes are his alone to make and his responsibility. I wish him well, hope he makes wise choices and is someday successful. For me every day longer will be yet another too long for both him and Jodi to finally get the justice they deserve. However, in the absence of the connection that once existed, and the mandate which went along with it to validate what has been exposed both here on the forum and on his caseblog, WAP is in a difficult position. It is the most sensitive of cases, and the extent and nature of what has been highlighted could only be done in large part due to the fact it has been done on the basis of having access to the supporting documents. Clearly that is no longer the case, and while I had hoped to be able to archive it due to a SCCRC referral, I don't really see how it can remain available.

So while I wish Luke well and hope for a positive outcome, anything which depends on access to his paperwork will have to be taken offline in a week's time roughly. It does not in any way reflect a change in opinion on his case, and if anyone wants to start a topic which isn't notably said to be backed up by case papers they are perfectly free to do so in the general forum area as with any other deserved case providing discussion remains polite, respectful to all concern and dignified.l

Considerable thought has been given to this decision, and it has not been arrived at lightly, but sadly I can't see how, given the nature of the case and all that goes along with it how it can remain now.

It is being alleged that Corinne Mitchell (Luke's mother) was banned from posting on WAP two years ago and that someone with access to her account had been posting fake comments in her name.  Both Middleton and Lean have refused to answer this accusation and what has followed is a massive falling out.

Middleton has now decided to make some of this public in an attempt to save face but it is too little, too late.  Wrongly Accused Person Org has been shown up once and for all as a sham organisation and will find it difficult to recover from the shame.  There's always the mussel sheds Billy!

I think that Sandra Lean can now officially be called - disgraced.

Sandra Lean is a bully as well as a liar. I was one of the so called accused, not a shred of evidence against me except a statement from a man who has a severe criminal record that has since came to light. I knew all about it from the start I knew it would eventually catch up with him and Sandra Lean. Anytime I contacted her on the 'Luke Mitchell' is innocent website she got right onto her cronies and I would receive death threats over the phone, be visited n public places by he man with the long and hash criminal record who would make threats against and my family. He even went to my mothers door, she is her Sixties and disabled  just to show me she could be got at! What type of human being does such a thing? He assaulted me in full view of half a dozen people after I had left a comment on Ms.Leans web pag. All of this I reported to the police. Just to set a couple of things straight I never had big cuts on my face the day after the murder I had a tiny scratch is all, he did not drive me to the police station the day after and he never said what amount of money we would get but he did say we would get money if we spoke to the press and get a wee holiday out of it. I never wanted anything to do with it it was sick, the man bullied me. He got a holiday out of it as the daily record accidentally used his name as the suspect he got just over a grand in damages. I have never received anything for the mental anguish myself and family have been through. I think he was merely a puppet in Sandra Leans games which have now came to a head but I'm still stuck with totally untrue accusations against me and haven't even received a sorry let alone anything else. I knew about his criminal past but I never mentioned it, I never spoke to reporters, which he wanted me to. He used to make jokes about it and him and him only ever brought it up as you know it was nearly 4 years before he came forward after a falling out between us, the police didn't take him serious and he gave a high court statement Han is all lies and I have many witness that can back that up. He bullied me after he had went to the police, trying to keep me in line and watch who I spoke to but I just didn't want anything to do with it god I wasn't even sure he was telling the truth about talking to the police cause like I said he used to make jokes about it. If they haughty they were right then how come whenever I questioned Sandra lean she would get right on to him to go and do her dirty work which was harass me. I have a load of witness to prove everything he said is a lie that's why I was never worried. I just think it's shocking that a man can take half truths, 3rd hand stories and just lies then go to the police with this rubbish and before you know it my name is on the 6 o'clock news, in newspapers giving totally false information about me and iv never received any type of closure or apology or anything from the people involved. Maybe karma has just taken it's time he's been exposed for the violent criminal who done jail for armed robbery and Sandra Lean, not for the first time, is wrong. I went through hell and back because of them but I'm not going to waste my life looking for revenge I knew in time it would all come out. Here's to the innocent among us, don't let the b........s grind you down.

Paranoid Android:
Good for you, bud - you've kept a dignified silence throughout, and have been through the mill with everything that's happened. Fair play to you - hope you're well.


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