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Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton (WAP) exit from Luke Mitchell case!

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--- Quote from: Nicholas on April 27, 2021, 08:13:31 PM ---and misleading...

Only one daughter lived with Sandra Lean in 2003 - I was not aware of this until recently

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MR: ‘Did Jodie and Luke hang about a lot with her sister, brother, SK and the moped boys? We’re the siblings close or was their a lot of friction between them?
Anyone know?

LS‘Following! Must have been something off for one sibling to live with her gran and the other two with mum 🙄! I know growing up that I had to eventually live with my granny for a period of time teenage years and that’s because I didn’t get on too well with my mam when I was a teeenager 😂 typical! But yeah coulda been anything eh! Xx

Seemingly someone’s still attempting to ‘bridge the gap”   @)(++(*


--- Quote from: Parky41 on July 09, 2019, 09:57:48 AM ---,551.4560.html

(Luke’s clothing, am I correct in saying this was meant to be the same clothes he wore to school that day that he was still in that night? If so who corroborated this?) Quote Bullseye.

[Yes. again, from memory, there were some witnesses from school who described those clothes, then the boys he was out playing with in the early evening also described those  clothes.

There are 30 - 40 boxes of documents. When they were returned from the SCCRC, the papers were just chucked in wily-nily and have never been properly sorted ever since. It will take me a long time to sort them all into the sort of order that would allow me to access specific papers quickly. I know what's there because it was me who sorted them before they went to the Commission in the first place.]

Were the 30-40? boxes of documents in their "wily-nily" state, handed into MOJO as such? Ms Lean visited MOJO offices at least once or twice a week, claiming she was the only person who accessed the files whilst there.
What did she do with the paper work, over this lengthy period of time, if not organize it into order? Was Ms Mitchell helping her with the files? Just a thought. Another thought being (working around response here) Would memory, of a case studied for 16yrs, books written around and so forth, not have information of importance steadfast in memory.

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I’ve not read her book ‘innocents betrayed’ but is it fully referenced and if so how did she reference the book - from her notes or from the original case papers?

She talked to me about the possibility of writing another book and self publishing when we last spoke (Around February/March 2014)

SL's previous publisher doesn't seem to have a good reputation. Self published may be less risky. The fewer dubious men in a person's life, the better.

Sandra Lean

--- Quote from: Nicholas on July 11, 2019, 06:39:21 AM ---"I refer to your recent communications with me, your posts on the Bamber forum, and our previous exchanges.

While I appreciate that fighting a MOJ is an uphill struggle, and a steep learning curve, there are some "mistakes" which cannot be explained as ignorance, enthusiastic but misguided belief, or any of the other well trodden routes most people take on their journey towards justice.

I personally believe that your recent online behaviour, the way you handled Simon's confession to the other burglary, and the consequent attacks of Shaun and Stephanie Bon have all been detrimental to public support for Simon. The letter, supposedly from Simon, was a disgraceful slap in the face to many, many people who have tried to help Simon over the years.,8086.msg384705.html#msg384705
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Not a ‘MOJ’ - innocence fraud!

There is the miscarriage of justice phenomenon and the ‘innocence’ fraud phenomenon, which charlatans like Sandra Lean and child killer and sexual predator Billy Middleton won’t address - for obvious reasons


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