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New South Wales toddler William Tyrrell, 3, still missing

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I wonder if this little one has been found.

William Tyrrell, 3, still missing after six weeks and police admit they have no leads on whether he wandered off or was abducted

NOVEMBER 01, 2014 12:06AM

He is the little boy who simply vanished. Six weeks ago
William Tyrell disappeared from his grandmother’s garden on the mid-north coast and the officer in charge admits police have no new leads, no clues as to whether the three-year-old wandered off or was abducted.

Superintendent Paul Fehon is careful with the language he uses, mindful to not cause more distress to William’s family. Detectives with the homicide squad and the child sex abuse squad have both been helping with the inquiry and cadaver dogs have combed the area for kilometres around the peaceful village of Kendall.

But Supt Fehon does not want to dwell on what can be the harsh reality when the squads who handle the tough cases become involved.

“I’m not going to have those terms out there muddying the waters until we find out what has happened to young William,” he said yesterday.

There are chilling parallels with the case of missing three-year-old Madeleine McCann, who disappeared seven years ago from her family’s holiday villa at the Portuguese holiday resort of Praia da Luz.

As in Madelaine’s case, no one saw William go.

He and his sister had arrived from their Sydney home with their parents on the evening of Thursday, September 11. About 10.30am on the Friday, the two children were chasing each other around outside the back of their grandmother’s house.

The house is at the closed end of Benaroon Drive, a cul-de-sac, and surrounded on three sides by bush. William’s mum went to make a cup of tea. His grandmother was sitting in the garden.

The boy was out of sight for between one and five minutes. No one heard a car, no one heard any screams or cries.

His four-year-old sister did not see what happened. But William had gone.

Within five minutes, his parents raised the alarm and ran to alert neighbours. Within 20 minutes the police were there. By 1pm, there were more than 100 people searching.

“If he has just wandered off of his own accord and met with misadventure, we would have found something by now,” Supt Fehon said.

“We can’t rule out opportunistic human intervention but if that was the case, then the chances of everything aligning for that to take place is unbelievable.

“I would say that someone does know something but that would only be speculation.”

Every one of the 21 houses in the exclusive estate around the grandmother’s house have been searched from top to bottom twice, including roof cavities and septic tanks.

Supt Fehon is no stranger to baffling searches. With fellow superintendent Peter Thurtell, he led the nation’s longest and largest manhunt, which ended when fugitive Malcolm Naden was found in March 2012 in a remote cabin, west of Gloucester.

He modestly describes that as an “organisational achievement” and says it is the same way to solve the disappearance of William. Solid police work.

Strike Force Rosann is now following up hundreds of calls to CrimeStoppers including sightings of William. Even reports from clairvoyants, traditionally treated with scepticism, are being chased up.

The investigation will go on indefinitely. “You can’t let a three-year-old boy just go missing and not continue with the investigation,” he said.



Search continues for missing toddler William Tyrell

   12 December 2014

Today marks three months since William Tyrell went missing at Kendall on the mid north coast, and his family and investigators are just as determined to find him.

The three-year-old went missing on Friday September 12 around 10.30am and was last seen playing on the balcony of his grandmother’s house in Kendall on the NSW mid-north coast.

It is believed William, who was wearing his Spider-Man suit at the time he vanished, could have wandered into nearby bushland.

At the time of his dissapearance, Police Superintendent Paul Fehon said police could not rule out the possibility William was abducted and his team of investigators had searched nearby thick scrub, including areas they have already combed.

“Those chances of survival diminish rapidly and of course we are very concerned for young William’s welfare,” Superintendent Fehon said.

“We do have grave concerns. To disappear that quickly absolutely bewilders us.”

Days later, police made the tough decision to scale back their search for missing toddler.

Authorities confirmed that emergency crews have stopped looking for the three-year-old in surrounding bushland, where it was believed he may have wandered, and will now look into whether or not “human intervention” could be the reason behind his disappearance.


Map https://goo.gl/maps/urxRi
Ignore red marker. The house is the one on the inside of the bend.
Streetview https://goo.gl/maps/wldny


Red pointers mark the location of the grandmother's house from where the boy went missing.

Looks like a huge area of forest and scrub nearby.


Above are pics of the front and rear of the house.  One thing I notice is an almost total absence of fences.  How on earth do they keep toddlers in anyway?   Initial report states he and his sister were playing in the garden at the back of the house yet six weeks later he was supposedly last seen on the balcony at the back of the house?  Stranger still is the claim his four-year-old sister whom he was playing with has no idea where he went?  All very odd!


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