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Luke Mitchell - Sandra Lean blames the so-called Da Vinci rapist now

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Not content with blaming just about every male member of the extended Jones family and their associates for the murder of Jodi Jones, self styled sleuth Sandra Lean has now turned her attention to the notorious so-called Da Vinci rapist.

Miss Leans recent record where she and her co director at the Wrongly Accused Person organisation religiously supported strangler Adrian Prout and orchestrated a campaign on his behalf does not sit well with many people. Is it a case of here we go again?

Greens was 25 when Jodi was murdered, not exactly the fresh faced teenager who was observed near the scene by passing motorists shortly after the murder.  Two youths on a motorcycle and another on a bicycle  passed by the murder scene yet saw nobody leading investigators to believe that only Mitchell was involved.

Does this really look like a youth with shoulder length hair?


The so-called Da Vinci rapist, Robert Greens.

Compare these to pictures of Luke Mitchell taken shortly after the murder of Jodi Jones.

Police Polaroid of Luke Mitchell taken several weeks after the murder.

Killer Luke Mitchell is to make a fresh bid for freedom by blaming the killing of schoolgirl Jodi Jones on a convicted rapist, it has been reported.

His defence team are putting together a dossier suggesting Da Vinci Code rapist Robert Greens could instead be behind the killing, the Mail on Sunday said.

Author Sandra McClean who has written about the Mitchell case told the newspaper she is helping Mitchell's defence team put together a dossier to present to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission. The body considers possible miscarriages of justice.

Robert Greens was jailed for 10 years in 2006 for a brutal sex attack on a Dutch student. The attack took place near Rosslyn Chapel, the setting for Dan Brown's novel and the movie starring Tom Hanks.

Ms McClean told the Scottish Mail on Sunday Greens' "modus operandi" was similar to the person who killed Jodi Jones - and at the time of her death, Greens visited a relative close to where Jodi's body was found in Midlothian.

She said: "When I realised Greens had apparently been regularly in the vicinity at the time it sent a shiver through me. It's hard to believe no one has joined the dots since he became so notorious.

"The modus operandi of Greens strikes me as similar. We have to ask if Greens crossed the police radar at the time Jodi was killed".

Mitchell, who was 14 at the time of the murder, has always protested his innocence but his original appeal against conviction was rejected by senior judges in Scotland in 2008. In November last year, Mitchell saw a bid for a fresh appeal before the Supreme Court rejected.

Jodi was murdered on June 30 2003. She had been stripped, tied up and stabbed to death and her mutilated body dumped in woods near her home.

Mitchell was locked up for life in 2005. He was convicted of the killing following what was at the time the longest single-accused murder trial in Scottish legal history.

Are these the headlines that got Sandra Lean thinking?

Victory for residents as Da Vinci rapist rehoused.

8 Feb 2012.

DA Vinci rapist Robert Greens has been rehoused after demonstrators demanded his ­eviction.

Councillor Margot Russell yesterday said Greens had been moved following a risk assessment by the multi-agency public ­protection panel, who manage convicted sex offenders.

On Friday, we revealed more than 100 people marched on Midlothian Council’s head office.

Many held placards saying, “Get rapist out” – in protest that the 33-year-old was housed in a residential block in Dalkeith, surrounded by families.

Dalkeith councillor Russell said the panel took the ­decision to remove him after residents voiced concerns.

The location where Greens has been rehoused remains unknown.

Greens was released from Saughton prison, Edinburgh, last month after serving five years of a 10-year sentence for a sex attack on a 19-year-old Dutch student near Rosslyn Chapel in 2005.

Residents – who ­discovered Greens’s new home after it was reported in the press – demanded the local authority remove him. 

Russell said: “My ­understanding is he has not been in the property since Saturday.

“There was a risk ­assessment meeting on Friday and the decision was taken later on.

“I’ve been approached by many elderly people and constituents with young families. He was always going to have security 24 hours a day but there were still concerns.

“One of the issues many elderly people raised was the type of attention his being there might attract and the possibility of ­vigilante attacks.

“Speaking in a personal capacity, I don’t think he should have been released – he should have served his sentence.”

Russell stressed Greens would be subject to the same level of security at his new premises.

She said: “He was housed in Jarnac Court, presumably because it has a lot of CCTV cameras and it’s near the police station.

“But Dalkeith was not the right place for him, ­especially not the town centre.”

It seems that Dalkeith has had more than its share of cold blooded rapists and murderers if these two are anything to go by.  Not the sort of area you would want to go out for a stroll in a country park in the evening by the sounds of it and especially if you are female and on your own.

I have read many of the comments being posted on that Wrongly Accused forum by Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton accusing members of Jodis family of her murder. Rather pathetic when all said and done.

devils advocate:
Yes, Donald Findlay had his fingers in just about every high profile pie.  That was how he managed to attract a greater share of the legal aid fund.

On the issue of Sandra Lean and her sickening habit of blaming every poor soul that crosses her path for the murder of Jodi Jones all I can say is pathetic.  How many wrongly accused people is there now in the Mitchell case?  The last time I counted it was about twenty individuals, that makes twenty apologies in the offing when Mitchell's conviction is eventually confirmed for good.   @)(++(*


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