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Peter Sutcliffe - Full confession (police statement)

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This is a link to Sutcliffes confession/statement to the police.

Has anyone read this statement from Sutcliffe?


I've printed it off, I will read it later.

It's a bit shocking in that he reels it off like it's normal behaviour even though he says he knows he's doing wrong.

With the police history of altering audio tape interview confessions/complaints (they are allowed to do so it is not illegal), and even writing confessions for the suspect to sign. The only way to believe a confession or any other tape has not been tamperred with by the police is to either revert back to when the police were not allowed to falsify tapes and the subject on the recording is given a copy imediately. Or failing this put all interviews on DVD which will make altering/falsifying more difficult.
  Have you all seen the photo of the masonic hand shake of sutcliff and frank bruno. Said meeting was arranged by Jimmy Saville .....jimmy fixed it ffor bruno


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