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Please feel free to post any general interest news items on this thread which originate from the Portuguese Algarve. 

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Article dated 8 May 2015

Human bones found on rocks in Sagres, Western Algarve.

PJ criminal police are investigating the discovery of human bones found on rocks at the base of a cliff near Praia do Beliche in Sagres on Wednesday morning (May 6).

The bones were discovered at around 11.30am by a shellfisherman. They are believed to be those of an adult man.

Lagos port’s captain Carvalho e Pinto reports that the bones were found in an area with little access. They have now been taken to Portimão’s office of legal medicine, where they will be studied to see if identity can be established.

“This coast is very dangerous,” one of the firemen who recovered the bones told reporters. “Falls here tend to be fatal.”

It is not the first time human bones have been found on cliffs near Praia do Beliche.

In 2011, the bones of an 18-month-old child were found in the same area. The child disappeared after her mother, Angolan Georgina Zito, was allegedly drowned by her German lover, Gunnar Dorries, at Canavial beach in Lagos on July 10 (see story http://portugalresident.com/human-bones-belong-to-missing-child)



Whoever it is, at least some family may get closure over a loved one's disappearance, even though it won't be the outcome they hoped for.

A young man from the town where I live disappeared when he went fishing on the cliffs and his body was never found. It could be his body.


--- Quote from: Montclair on May 08, 2015, 01:17:03 PM ---A young man from the town where I live disappeared when he went fishing on the cliffs and his body was never found. It could be his body.

--- End quote ---

I suppose with such a rugged Atlantic coastline this sort of thing happens quite often with all sorts of drift being washed up on the shores?

I am aware of 2 other adult males who have disappeared in this end of the Algarve in the last few years - Scots chef working in Lagos late last year - and a Portuguese male about 3 years ago with personal belongings found in Boa Vista about 3 years ago.

I am not keeping track, so  am sure there are others.

I'll wait and see if there are developments on this one.


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