Alleged Miscarriages of Justice > Jeremy Bamber and the callous murder of his father, mother, sister and twin nephews. Case effectively CLOSED by CCRC on basis of NO APPEAL REFERRAL.

Deviant: Jeremy Bamber And The White House Farm Murders by Paul Harrison

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Holly Goodhead:

--- Quote from: John on August 02, 2015, 01:00:59 PM ---I take it you aren't overly impressed by his writings Holly?   8)--))

--- End quote ---

Correct and all based on my posts in this thread criticising the content. 


--- Quote from: Holly Goodhead on August 02, 2015, 05:34:53 PM ---Correct and all based on my posts in this thread criticising the content.

--- End quote ---

I must admit I have never been a book reader but this author has far from impressed me by his conduct on here and on blue.

Fantasist Extraordinaire... or the man who died twice.

It appears that Paul Harrison was up to his repetitive disappearing trick when, out of the blue, I received the attached email in June 2014, purporting to have been sent by his business partner, John Scott (even though the sender identifies himself as "Paul")...

What I would also like to know is when, where and for what reason this photo was taken...


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