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Padgates staff:
Stephen Akinmurele: also known as the "Cul-de-sac killer"; committed suicide in Strangeways while awaiting trial for the murders of five elderly people in Blackpool and the Isle of Man

Beverley Allitt: also known as "Angel of Death"; paediatric nurse who killed four babies in her care and injured at least nine others; sentenced to life imprisonment in 1991. Victims-:
Liam Taylor (seven weeks old) was admitted to the ward for a chest infection and was murdered on 21 February 1991.
Timothy Hardwick (eleven years old) a boy with cerebral palsy who was admitted to the ward after having an epileptic seizure. He was murdered on 5 March 1991.

Kayley Desmond (then one year old) admitted to the ward for a chest infection. Allitt attempted to murder her on 8 March 1991 but the child was resuscitated and transferred to another hospital, where she recovered.
Paul Crampton (then five months old) admitted to the ward for a chest infection on 20 March 1991. Allitt attempted to murder him with an insulin overdose on three occasions the day before he was transferred to another hospital, where he recovered.

Bradley Gibson (then five years old) admitted to the ward for pneumonia. He suffered two cardiac arrests on 21 March 1991, due to Allitt's administering insulin overdoses, before he was transferred to another hospital, where he recovered.

Yik Hung Chan (also known as Henry, then two years old) admitted to the ward following a fall on 21 March 1991. He suffered an oxygen desaturation attack before he was transferred to another hospital, where he recovered.

Becky Phillips (two months old) admitted to the ward for gastroenteritis on 1 April 1991. She was administered an insulin overdose by Allitt and died at home two days later.

Katie Phillips (then two months old) Becky's twin was admitted to the ward as a precaution following the death of her sister. She had to be resuscitated twice after unexplained apnoeic episodes (which were later found to be caused by insulin and potassium overdoses). Following the second time that she stopped breathing, she was transferred to another hospital but, by this time, had suffered permanent brain damage, partial paralysis and partial blindness due to oxygen deprivation. Her parents had been so grateful to Allitt's care of Becky that they had asked her to be Katie's godmother. In 1999 Katie was awarded 2.125 million, by Lincolnshire Health Authority, to pay for treatment and equipment for the rest of her life. Lincolnshire Health Authority did not accept liability, but did acknowledge that Katie was entitled to compensation.

Claire Peck (fifteen months old) admitted to the ward following an asthma attack on 22 April 1991. After being put on a ventilator, she was left alone in Allitt's care for a short interval during which time she had a cardiac arrest. She was resuscitated but died after a second cardiac arrest, again following a period when she was left alone with Allitt.

Padgates staff:
Levi Bellfield: also known as the "Bus Stop Stalker"; convicted of the 2002 Murder of Amanda Dowler and two fatal hammer attacks on young women in South West London in 2003 and 2004. Marsha McDonnell, Kate Sheedy and Amelie Delagrange were his other known victims.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley: also known as "Moors Murderers"; murdered five children, aged between 10 and 17 and buried them in Saddleworth Moor.

Mary Ann Britland: poisoned her daughter, husband, and the wife of her lover in 1886

Peter Bryan: institutionalized for fatal hammer attack on woman in 1993; reapprehended for cannibalizing a friend in 2004 but able to batter a fellow patient to death months later
George Chapman: poisoned three women; suspected by some authors of being Jack the Ripper

John Christie: gassed, raped and strangled at least five women from 1943 to 1953, hiding the bodies at his house in London; also strangled his wife and Timothy Evans' wife and baby daughter

Robert George Clements: doctor who committed suicide when due to be arrested for poisoning his fourth wife. His other three wives all died suspiciously during the interwar period

Mary Ann Cotton: British Victorian killer; said to have poisoned more than 20 victims; hanged in 1873

Thomas Neill Cream: also known as "Lambeth Poisoner"; began his killing spree in the United States then moved to London; hanged in 1892

Frederick Bailey Deeming: in 1891 killed his wife and four children in Britain; remarried and moved to Australia, and then murdered his new wife

John Duffy and David Mulcahy: also known as the "Railway Killers"; killed three women near railway stations in the 1980s
Amelia Dyer: murdered infants in her care; executed in 1896

Kenneth Erskine: also known as "Stockwell Strangler"; sentenced to life imprisonment in 1988 for murdering seven pensioners

Catherine Flannigan and Margaret Higgins: Two Irish women known as The Black Widows of Liverpool, they killed at least 4 people by poisoning in the 1880s in order to obtain insurance money

Padgates staff:
Steven Grieveson: also known as "The Sunderland Strangler"; murdered three teenage boys in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear in 1993 and 1994

Stephen Griffiths: also known as the "Crossbow Cannibal"; convicted of murdering three prostitutes in Bradford, England in 2009 and 2010

John George Haigh: also known as the "Acid Bath Murderer" and the "Vampire of London"; active in England during the 1940s; convicted of six murders, but claimed to have killed nine; executed in 1949

Anthony Hardy: also known as the "Camden Ripper"; convicted of three murders; suspected of at least four

Trevor Hardy: also known as The Beast of Manchester killed three teenage girls in Manchester from 1974 to 1976

Philip Herbert: also known as the "Infamous Earl of Pembroke"; 17th century nobleman convicted of manslaughter but discharged; later killed the prosecutor and pardoned for a third murder

Colin Ireland: also known as "Gay Slayer"; killed five gay men in the early 1990s

Robin Ligus: drug addict convicted of robbing and bludgeoning three men to death with an iron bar in Shropshire in 1994

Michael Lupo: also known as "Wolf Man"; convicted of four murders and two attempted murders

Patrick Mackay: charged with the murders of five individuals, convicted of three; confessed to killing 11 people

Robert Maudsley: also known as "Hannibal The Cannibal"; killer of four; killed three in prison

Raymond Morris: also known as the "A34 Killer"; convicted of one murder, considered to have committed at least two more

Robert Napper: also known as the "Green Chain Rapist"; killed two women and a child in the 1990s

Donald Neilson: also known as "Black Panther"; killed four people, including heiress Lesley Whittle

Dennis Nilsen: killer of 15 (possibly 16) men between 1978 and 1983

Colin Norris: nurse convicted of killing four patients in Leeds hospitals

Padgates staff:
William Palmer: also known as "Palmer the Poisoner"; doctor suspected of numerous murders, convicted of one; hanged on June 14, 1856

Amelia Sach and Annie Walters: murdered an unknown number of babies put up for adoption

Harold Shipman: also known as "Dr.Death"; doctor convicted of 15 murders; a later inquiry stated he had killed at least 215 and possibly up to 457 people over a 25-year period

George Joseph Smith: also known as "The Brides in the Bath"; killer of three women

John Straffen: child killer and Britain's longest serving prisoner until his death on November 19, 2007

Peter Sutcliffe: also known as the "Yorkshire Ripper"; convicted in 1981 of murdering 13 women and attacking seven more from 1975 to 1980

Thomas Griffiths Wainewright: artist considered to have poisoned four people

Fred West and Rosemary West: also known as "House of Horrors"; she was convicted of 10 murders; both are believed to have tortured and murdered at least 12 young women between 1967 and 1987, many at the couple's home in Gloucester; he committed suicide in 1995 while awaiting trial
Catherine Wilson: nurse considered to have poisoned seven people in the 19th century

Mary Elizabeth Wilson: also known as the "Merry widow of Windy Nook"; convicted of murdering two husbands by poisoning and considered to have killed two others

Steve Wright: also known as "The Suffolk Strangler" killed five women in six weeks around Ipswich in late 2006

Graham Young: also known as "The Teacup Poisoner"; killed three people from 1962 to 1971

Rachel Granada:

--- Quote from: Dhingra on August 10, 2013, 04:43:51 AM ---There appears to be an omission in your list. While you have mentioned two men suspected of being him (Cream and Deeming), you haven't mentioned the most notorious of all Engilsh serial killers - Jack the Ripper!

--- End quote ---

Hi Dhingra, also the Jack the Stripper murders in London in the 1960s are not mentioned.


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