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Father's joy as his missing children are found after three years.


Father's joy as his missing daughter, nine, and eight-year-old son return home THREE YEARS after they mysteriously vanished.

* Brisbane father Harry Speath has been re-united with his two missing children
* Serena and Thomas Speath, aged 9 and 8, disappeared in December, 2014
* They were allegedly taken by their mother Jane Adare, who last had them
* Kids were found in Sunshine Coast hinterland Wednesday - 150km from Brisbane

By Daniel Peters and Kate Darvall for Daily Mail Australia
PUBLISHED: 21 December 2017

A father has expressed his joy after he was reunited with his missing children, now aged eight and nine, three years after they vanished.

Brisbane man Harry Speath waited by the gates of his children's school in Carindale, in December 2014, but Serena and Thomas never showed.

Three years after their disappearance, Mr Speath's heartbreak turned to elation.

The Australian Federal Police knocked on his door on Wednesday and told him his children had been found.

Taking to Facebook on Thursday, Mr Speath thanked his ongoing supporters and told them the return of his children was 'the best Christmas present'.

Christmas came early for Brisbane father Harry Speath - who was re-united with his two children Selena (left) and Thomas (right) three years after they vanished.

The adorable children were allegedly taken by their mother Jane Adare on December 5, 2014 (pictured above in age-progressed images)

Serena and Thomas, now aged nine and eight, were found in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with their mother - some 150 kilometres from where they vanished.

Ms Adare appeared before the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Brisbane as Mr Speath caught up on three years of missed birthdays, holidays and milestones.

The search was hampered by a string of puzzling setbacks and false sightings.

Mr Speath initially held fears the trio could have been whisked off to Europe with their mother, who holds dual-citizenship in the United Kingdom.

To make matters worse, the children were not enrolled in any school across the state and their Medicare cards had not been used.

But Mr Speath, 61, refused to give up hope and set up a Facebook page dedicated to finding the pair - gathering the support of thousands of parents across the country.

In May, experts from the United States created a photo manipulation to show what Serena and Thomas would look like in 2017.

The images were circulated nationally and efforts to find the missing siblings were intensified.

Ms Adare (pictured) appeared before the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Brisbane on Wednesday as Mr Speath caught up on three years of missed milestones.

Just two weeks ago, Mr Speath took to Facebook with a heart-wrenching post dedicated to his beloved children on the anniversary of their disappearance.

'Today I am reflecting on a monumental milestone in the time line since the abduction of my children by their mother,' he wrote.

'It is three years exactly since the last time I saw my children. It is three years exactly since the last time I have spoken to my children.

'It is three years exactly since I've obtained any news as to their education, health, wellbeing and so many other things that any concerned parent takes for granted.

'It's been three sets of birthdays (both theirs and mine), Christmases, Easters, Father's Days, three years worth of holidays, countless visits to their paternal grandmum, aunt and indeed their half brother's visits from his overseas work assignments. In that time, none of us has had the normal family pleasures taken for granted by normal folks.

'So what can I say to my children on this horrid anniversary? I guess all I can say is that I don't know when I'll see you guys. I hope it's soon. I know you guys don't know what all the above stuff is about, and I don't expect you to until you are much, much older.

'In the meantime. I love you both very, very much. I'm sending you guys many, many, many hugs & kisses across the miles between us, no matter how far.'

The Australian Federal Police allege the siblings were 'parentally abducted'.

More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5200905/Fathers-joy-missing-children-return-home-Brisbane.html#ixzz51umjfLWk


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