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The statistics are not clear about the numbers of stranger abduction imo.

We have been through this before... No one wss able to come up with one reported death from an accident in the circumstances
Was it dark? According to Sadie the McCann's balcony was bathed in light from the street light opposite. Do you disagree with her?

I wouldn't expect an almost four year old to leave the apartment in the dark and set off to find her parents, but her mother did, her friend alleged.

I was talking about the window in the children's bedroom not the balcony.

There are several plausible explanations, but not one which stands out. It has more in common with Ben Needham's case than with Claudia Lawrence's imo. The similarity is that both mothers have spent years claiming abduction. The difference is that the McCanns were able to mount a better campaign.

Apart from disappearing abroad I think there is far more in common with the abduction of the little six year old girl from her bath by a predatory paedophile/burglar who entered the ground floor flat where she was bathing, through an unlocked door.

He snatched the child from her bath and the only evidence of his existence was the mark of a footprint on the floor.

Her mother said: "My little girl was in the bath in her own home within earshot of everyone else in the flat, the back door was shut and I'd only just left the bathroom to go to another room when she was snatched.

"It's every mother's nightmare to think your children aren't safe in their home. You wouldn't think you would have to lock all your doors this early in the evening to protect your children from anyone entering your home uninvited."

This horrific opportunistic crime was committed by a total stranger to the family.

At trial a life-long friend of the perpetrator gave evidence that he had said that he wanted to "do something" to a child when driving past two young children in the street.

The police had taken reports of the crime seriously right from the beginning and phone data indicated his presence in the area of the crime

Thankfully the little child was abandoned by her abductor and returned to her family. 

If she had disappeared I think her family would have faced exactly the same type of mindless savagery meted out to Madeleine’s family because all the ingredients were there.

She was taken by a stranger and we only know what happened to her because she was found and was able to tell us; if she hadn’t her disappearance certainly would have been the stuff of conspiracy theorists piling on the grief to an already stricken family. 
There are just those who cannot help themselves when a horrible 'opportunity' presents itself.
If a child’s head is six foot above the floor because they fell from a window sill onto a tiled floor that could cause trauma to the head. Then there are several ways that a child would then stop breathing. Four or five minutes of apnoea could lead to fatal cardiac arrest. I work in Critical Care btw before you try to shoot me down!!

Falling down those steps up to the balcony in the dark is another possibility.
10 child deaths a year from a fall?  That's a lot fewer than are abducted by a stranger in an average year!

The statistics are not clear about the numbers of stranger abduction imo.
And carrying the corpse of your child through a holiday town, then mounting an appeal for her return in front of the world's press all the while maintaining a pretense of innocence isn't?

It hasn't been proved that anyone carried an uncovered corpse through a holiday town, so that can't be used as an argument against parental involvement. Interacting with the media doesn't suggest innocence or guilt, as both innocent and guilty people have done it.
Yes it’s one of the most common causes of accidental death of children indoors…. Once a child stopped breathing after trauma to the head death would occur in about 5 minutes.

I find death from a fall inside the apt between 8.30 and 10 hhighly implausible
The trail of blood from the massive head trauma maybe?

It was so dark Maddie couldn't even operate gates apparently, so short of walking up to the child & taking it's pulse there'd be no way to tell it was dead.
About 10 a year incuding those falling out of an upstairs window or downstairs. How often do cildren die from s fall inside s house and how long does death take to occur

Around 10 children die as a result of falls each year - some from windows and balconies and the remainder mostly from stairs. 2,4,10

Falls are by far the most common causes of accidents in the home; they account for 44 per cent of all children's accidents. 3

Most falls involve tripping over on the same level. However, the most serious consequences result from falls between two levels, such as falling out of a pram or highchair or falling from a bed. The worst injuries are sustained when a child falls from a great height or lands on something hard, sharp or hot.
10 child deaths a year from a fall?  That's a lot fewer than are abducted by a stranger in an average year!
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