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Re: The Real Hillary Clinton.
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I wouldnt dare! I wouldnt even buy oranges in tescos there or buy green grapes in a rangers neighbourhood in scotland or blueberries in a celtic one


No, the jingle/slogan just came to mind...would suit his skin and hair more, now Im being peurile lol

But thats OK as were all in a alice in wonderland scenario at the mo...

If there is one thing we Scots won't let go of ,it's our sectarianism!

I am actually quite upbeat about brexit and Trumpie,  those elite establishment have had ther conflakes thrown on the kitchen floor and left to pick it up themsleves, how bloody inconvenient. lol
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Re: The Real Hillary Clinton.
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Most definitely the donkey work is on the old establishment and it will fail to keep the old order as it was

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