Author Topic: Why do women marry prisoners?  (Read 4735 times)

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Re: Why do women marry prisoners?
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I beg to differ Tim, he isn't good looking but it's one of those 'each to their own'.
I can't find any conclusive reasons as to why people marry prison inmates, some of which are strangers to each other. Perhaps they think they're going to get that person out and want the adulation of it or something.
The only reasonable quote I could find that mad sense is-:
"Generally women who marry prisoners they really don't know tend to be shy, have low self-esteem, consider themselves to be outsiders, have been victims of abuse, and they hunger for an emotional relationship."

I don't see much difference Padgate from what we have been saying above. When you boil it down we are all talking of various definitions of the word desperate!

What I would like to know is where OCD comes into the equation?   8-)(--)
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Re: Why do women marry prisoners?
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There are some very interesting articles on-line on this subject and why women marry convicted killers many of whom especially in the USA will never be released.  Personally I think these women must have mental health issues.  What do you think Tim?

I agree ó it definitely isnít normal 😳

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