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Re: CCTV Images and Film
« Reply #45 on: January 05, 2018, 10:00:09 PM »

5  walking past Hophouse pub (apparently)

Yes mrswah.... And Nero cafe but we don't have the CCTV and of course Canygne Road and we dont have the CCTV..

I didn't understand the need to BLUR out her face on The Ram CCTV... that was all....  ?{)(**

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Re: CCTV Images and Film
« Reply #46 on: January 08, 2018, 09:32:47 AM »
CCTV images suggested that Miss Yeates got back to her flat shortly before 8.45pm.

Which CCTV images are they speaking of ??? The Hophouse pub or The ones on Canygne Road??

The people who heard the screams were seen on CCTV passing the flat at 8.49pm, suggesting that Miss Yeates had been home for only about five minutes when she was strangled.

Where was this CCTV?? And if it has been used to determine who passed the Flat why hasn't it been used to determine when Joanna Yeates arrived home ??? Why didn't we see any CCTV of Joanna Yeates on Canygne Road near the FLAT??

Why has that always been a mystery... It would clearly show her arriving home, and clearly show Dr Vincent tabak leaving by the small gate...
Why didn't the jury question this CCTV and where Joanna Yeates was on it????

If Joanna Yeates is on this CCTV at Canygne Road... is she wearing something different??? Does it show the people that CJ mentioned or not??? Now that is something to consider....

There should have been no issue with CJ's statement about someone/people leaving Canygne Road if they were on the CCTV, which they should have been...

Who did CJ see on the CCTV.... Someone which made the Police react to his statement....

I believe it was the fact that CJ, knew people had left the Flat that had the Police in a tailspin... Because up until CJ, adds his second witness statement, only the Police are aware of the comings and goings on Canygne Road that evening... And CJ throws a spanner in the works by his second statement.... He has become a witness....

There must be something that has been covered up,(imo) if they have never revealed this CCTV of Canygne Road... Also we never hear from CJ about this encounter of his on Friday 17th December 2010....

Doesn't it peak anyones curiosity, that the Police had footage of Canygne Road that shows The Leymans/Or a Couple, arriving at a party, yet they couldn't bring it to trial to show when Joanna Yeates arrived home, or when Dr Vincent Tabak went to and from his Flat....

I'll go back to this quote:
CCTV images suggested that Miss Yeates got back to her flat shortly before 8.45pm.

Now I believe that to be The Hop House Pub, purely because it says that it "SUGGESTS" that Joanna Yeates got back to her Flat before 8:45pm

Now we know she is in Tesco's at around 8:40pm and apparently stops for a chat with the Vicar... so that would take more than 5 mins.... So even the Hophouse pub CCTV may not have been her walking past, But another person in a white coat.... It isn't a clear image... Could be anyone ....

So what happened to Joanna Yeates between Tesco's and her Flat... Because there is NO indication via CCTV that she ever made it home....
And the suggestion that CJ may have heard a woman, must have had the Police reeling... Because they would have known that Joanna Yeates never made it to her Flat... Or we would have seen the CCTV to corroborate this fact....

They wouldn't keep everyone guessing as to the time Joanna Yeates got home.... Because they should know!!

Also they wouldn't have arrested CJ either as the only witness to people leaving the Flat.... Makes it easy if you turn him into a suspect... everyones eye is off the ball.... No-one would consider that someone within the Police already knew the comings and goings on Canygne Road, and that CJ was a witness to part of this....

So who wanted to keep CJ quiet?? Because they did in fact manage that didn't they....  CJ should state what he saw.... Or if he has been sworn to silence, he maybe able to shed some light as to where this CCTV was located on Canygne Road... Was there more than one CCTV camera... did 44, Canygne Road have its own CCTV, or did 42 ??

Or was it the house opposite, that would see the comings and going of all on that Friday night??

So Avon and Somerset Police.... Would you like to elaborate on this CCTV Footage from Canygne Road and explain why you were not sure about Joanna Yeates???   Or did the CCTV show her arrive home but didn't show her leave ??

And did you identify all of the people who appeared on this CCTV??

Did it show Peter Stanley helping to start Greg's car for Instance ??
Did it show CJ arriving home from the gym??
Did it show Tanja Morson leaving for her party??
Did it show any of the occupants of 44, Canygne Road that evening??
Did it show anyone entering 44,Canygne Road??

This CCTV, is strangely Missing, and this CCTV could answer so many questions that people have, and it would stop any speculation that anyone has about anybody from that building on that night of Friday 17th December 2010..
As it would be there for all to see....

So why haven't we seen it?? And why wasn't it played at trial to show the Jury Joanna Yeates arriving home at her Flat? It would have been more concrete than a vicar telling us he saw a woman that matched Joanna Yeates description on that Friday Night...

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Re: CCTV Images and Film
« Reply #47 on: January 11, 2018, 08:42:38 PM »
The Private CCTV camera that was on Canygne Road, could it have belonged to Christopher Jefferies??

Wouldn't the Police have needed to say from which resident they received the Private CCTV Footage from in court...??

And if I remember correctly CJ's name is never mentioned in court... He is referred to as the landlord...  If as it appears they did not want CJ's name recorded at this trial... Could that be the reason they didn't bring the Private CCTV Footage to Dr Vincent Tabak's trial...

Just a thought !


The image I have attached had me wondering, if it was from CCTV.... Was the cctv at the back of Canygne Road? I would have imagined that someone who was concerned with the neighbourhood watch , would have wanted to protect his property....

Just a thought...

If that is indeed the case, shouldn't Dr Vincent tabak been on said cctv, moving a body from Flat 1 to Flat 2??

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Re: CCTV Images and Film
« Reply #48 on: April 30, 2018, 04:37:06 PM »
I have never seen any CCTV clips from the Hope & Anchor. I am confident that there has not been any reference to any such clips being shown in court. But, to coin a phrase, "I could be mistaken".

I believe that is true.... But the Hope and Anchor did have CCTV and the Police DID take it away.....

Martin informed us that The Hope & Anchor in Bristol had an existing VCR style CCTV system which was getting quite old. The images it displayed were grainy and movement was very jerky. They’d been thinking about upgrading to a new CCTV system for a long time, and then sadly the deciding factor was the murder of Joanna Yeates. Martin said “it didn’t have a bearing on the murder enquiry. The point was it could have. The Police did ask for the CCTV footage, which showed Joanna in the pub at lunchtime before she went back to work, but the images were too grainy. I was angry at myself really, it could have been my wife, or daughter or relative. It was too late for Joanna but I like to regard it as Joanna’s legacy.”

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Re: CCTV Images and Film
« Reply #49 on: July 25, 2018, 09:21:21 AM »
The Bargain Booze CCTV...  (Is it iphone Footage??)

Was the footage taken on a iphone??

On youtube of Avon and Somerset Polices video, the image is small with blackout areas to the side...

But then I found this image and video...

The areas to the side are blurred as you would find in an iphone footage... 

It begs the question, was this footage actually filmed on a phone, as I really cannot see a reason why the CCTV would have blacked out areas to the side, makes no sense at all..

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Re: CCTV Images and Film
« Reply #50 on: July 26, 2018, 10:32:25 AM »

I believe that is true.... But the Hope and Anchor did have CCTV and the Police DID take it away.....

That’s a very interesting point. If the police took away the video recording it could only be of the people present in the pub. What was the point? It was a pointless exercise, unless of course you were interested in keeping someone out of the public eye!
There is none so noble or in receipt of his fellows unbridled adulation as that police officer who willingly deceives to protect one of his own kind and, by virtue of birthright, extends that privilege to his family.

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Re: CCTV Images and Film
« Reply #51 on: August 25, 2018, 09:44:32 PM »
Early in the Investigation... The Police originally suggested that The Killer went across "Clifton Suspension Bridge" to Longwood Lane to dispose of Joanna Yeates body... They had surveyed the CCTV and it was the 18th December 2010 that they elluded the killer crossed the bridge... But later on they then tell us that the CCTv cannot see number plates or into cars and then we get a change of direction for The Killer... who by now we know is apparently Dr Vincent Tabak, who aimlessly drove about managing to avoid all CCTV camera's and put the body on Longwood Lane, without even a taxi going by seeing him....

But if we go back to December 27th 2010 ITV did a news clip of Clifton Suspension Bridge.....

Joanna Yeates murder: Clifton suspension bridge and body site
Joanna Yeates murder: Clifton suspension bridge and body site; ENGLAND: Somerset: Bristol: EXT Clifton suspension bridge / closed circuit television cameras (CCTV cameras) attached to bridge / traffic crossing toll bridge and inscription on tower

I have attached images and the clip... The interesting point of the clip for me, is the appearance of a blonde young lady not dissimilar to Joanna Yeates appearing  at the toll point "Jogging"....  It's a brief image of a lady jogging...
(at 3:34 - 3:36 of the video)
But I wondered if Joanna Yeates had Jogged??  Had she nipped out from her home leaving her things behind because she didn't need them whilst Jogging...??

It's a scenario that I hadn't thought of... But there must be a reason for all the images of Tanja Morson and Dr Vincent Tabak Jogging.... They are there for a reason (imo)...

The lady is wearing a Pink top... her hair is longer, but do we know for sure how long her hair was?? Bernard had miraculously grown in size... So why not Joanna yeates hair being longer....

I also say this because i have mentioned before, that "Greg" had asked for photo's of Joanna Yeates with shorter hair, on the "Missing Forum". This small request from him had always bothered me,... He is the boyfriend.. he should have images of her and not need to ask... we are in a world where everyones phone has a camera.... They were in love apparently and had just moved home.. There should be oodles of selfies of the pair of them , when she had her hair short..

We have never seen the "Clifton Suspension Bridge "footage... Just like we have never seen the private Canygne Road footage that DS Mark Saunders viewed, with cars on the street and people milling about.... This footage and the Clifton Suspension Bridge Footage could both have Joanna Yeates on them... But we do not know as we have never seen them....

So did Joanna Yeates drop of her shopping and then go Jogging??  Did she see someone she knew on the Suspension Bridge..

She could have gone Jogging on the Saturday... There is no definitive proof that she died on Friday 17th December 2010...

Did she go Jogging in the morning on Saturday and someone was waiting for her return... That's a possibility... That would fit in with Kingdon hearing someone shout "Help Me".... On the Saturday Morning.... That idea I am warming too...

Put that together with the image of trainers in the hallway... And, DCI Phil Jones saying that they found trainers under the sink, with a blood spot on them, and you have the possibility that Joanna Yeates went out Jogging and was attacked when she arrived home... She could have unlocked the door... The killer could have easily gained entry...  Therefore all her possessions are in the house apart from the Pizza she could have eaten the night before...  But I cannot account for the packaging...

I am just suggesting possibilities, as we do not really know what happened to Joanna Yeates...

But as they say.... every picture tells a story... Well maybe all the images of people jogging have more to do with Joanna Yeates than we might realise... Those images are there for a reason....(imo)

Edit... On the image I have attached... I wonder what the images/pictures are of on that T-Shirt she is wearing??

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Re: CCTV Images and Film
« Reply #52 on: August 27, 2018, 04:29:18 PM »
That is an extraordinary likeness to Yeates, I must agree. Perhaps the only way to determine if it is or not is to try and get whomever is in that picture to come forward and identify themselves. Without the help of the press though you are very unlikely to get a response, forums such as this are too obscure, they are not in the general eye of the public. This, incidentally, is not an opinion of mine, it’s plain fact.
There is none so noble or in receipt of his fellows unbridled adulation as that police officer who willingly deceives to protect one of his own kind and, by virtue of birthright, extends that privilege to his family.