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Should we introduce a 'Post of the Day' or 'Post of the Week'?

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Should we introduce a Post of the Day or even a Post of the Week?

This was mentioned in passing one day recently and a few members thereafter suggested that we include it as a feature within the forum.  It goes without saying that it doesn't have to be every day but I do agree that there are occasions when a member posts something rather special and they should receive acknowledgement of this in some way.

It would be our intention to tweet the post concerned on our twitter sister site which now has almost 20,000 followers and incorporating an acknowledgement to the member concerned.

Feel free to forward any nominations to any admin at any time.

What sister site?


--- Quote from: Stephanie Halls Wig on July 05, 2013, 05:00:40 PM ---Could I ask how this would work? I mean there are such a lot of subjects going on.

--- End quote ---

Just post your best SHW.   8(0(*


--- Quote from: Carana on July 05, 2013, 05:18:32 PM ---What sister site?

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If Morecambess & Wiser ( Shona and Outlook) get a winning Post of the Day, will it have to be heavily censored before going on Twitter ?  >@@(*&) @)(++(*


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