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Establishing Their Roles.....

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With the twists and turns in this case and trying to understand each persons role, I was trying to assertain what they did in the papers in the case and if they still are in those position or maybe promoted after their role in The Joanna Yeates Case...

I started to think about this more as I have a great difficulty in even finding certain individuals reported in the media at the time.... And coming across people I wasn't even aware of...

Each had an Important Role in the Case... And by having somewhere to discuss this I believe it will make it easier for new readers who may not know much about the case to see what their roles where....

I thought I would start with a list of names then move to see where they are today... I will do a post on each of the individuals to put thing into perspective... So many names easy to forget who they are and the part they played.. Or how they were connected to the investigation..

(1): DCI Phil Jones

(2): DI Joe Goff

(3): DI Andrew Mott

(4): DI Karen Thomas

(5): Forensics Officer  Martin Faithful.

(6):  Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford

(7): The Head of The Complex Crime Unit Anne Reddrop

(8): DC Mark Luther

(9): PC Steve Archer

(10): Salvation Army Chaplain Brotherton

(11): QC Peter Cook

(12): QC William Clegg

(13): QC Kelcey

(14):  Tanja Nickson

(15): Lyndsey Lennen

(16):  Dr Delaney

(17): Detective Superintendent Mark Saunders

(18): DC Geoffrey Colvin

(19): DCI Gareth Bevan

(20): Deputy Head of Corporate Communications at Avon & Somerset Police, Darren Bane

(21): Tarique Ghaffur, a former head of Scotland Yard's homicide command

(22): Nurse Ruth Booth Pearson

(23): Dr White

(24): PC Anneleise Jackson,

(25): Detective Constable Simon Mills

(26): Ray Palmer Forensic  Science Services (Principle Forensic Scientist)

(27): DC Simon Mills

(28): QC Lickey 

(29): Dr Kelly Sheridan

(30): Steve Allen, Managing Director of LGC Forensics,

(31); AMANDA HIRST, Head of Corporate Communications at Avon and Somerset

(32): Darren Bane   Deputy Head of Corporate Communications at Avon & Somerset Police,

(33): Scott Fulton, Head of E-services for Avon and Somerset Police

(34): ACC Hansen, the Chief Constable and the Head of CCD  ( as reported by DCI Phil Jones in the Leveson
         Inquiry) (Gold Commander )

(35): Chief Super Colin Port

(36): DC Richard Barnston,

(37): DC Paul Derrick

(38): Dr Jenifer Miller

(39): Lyndsey Farmery

(40): DCI Brennan ......  http://miscarriageofjustice.co/index.php?topic=8060.msg420152#msg420152

(41): Martin Dunscombe... Corporate Communications Officer

(42): South West One...  IBM Company/ Contract with Avon and Somerset Police..

(43): Inspector David Horwood... Avon and Somerset Police.

(44): Hookie..(Police nickname) The Bald Police Officer at Peter Stanleys house.. "DC Jonathan Hook"

(45): DC Emma Davies

(46): Dr Karl Harrison

(47): DC Mills

(48): Paul Catton (Forensics?? Police??)

Ok.. to start with here is my list...  I will edit it when I find more..... But for the moment I will post this and then do a post on each of their roles ...... I'll probably start with the less known people in this list...

If any one know any other person involved just post their names ....... 


(26):  Ray Palmer....

PUBLISHED: 00:00, Wed, Jan 5, 2011

--- Quote ---Ray Palmer, the Service’s principal forensic scientist, said: “Fibres are particularly important when the body is deposited away from the murder place.
--- End quote ---

Whilst  looking for Ray Palmer I believe he may have done the FIBRE Analysis as it is part of his field..... I am not 100% sure if he did any analysis or because as  he could have stopped working as Principal Forensic Scientist by 2010 as quoted below... The Article was published Wed, Jan 5, 2011... I wondered if they talked to him at the scene or had just asked his advice... not sure... Or was he at Canygne Road using the Laser equipment??

--- Quote ---Forensic Science Service Ltd – under threat from economic cuts – revealed that lasers are used to “show evidence of a clean-up”, possibly showing whiter areas that may have been specifically cleaned.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---I am a former employee of the Forensic Science Service (1985–2010), where latterly my position was that of Principal Forensic Scientist.

I am presently employed by Northumbria University as a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Forensic Science. I am also a member of the Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science (NUCFS) who I understand will be submitting a collective response.

The following response is based upon my own observations, thoughts and experience of the FSS closure and may or may not reflect the views of my colleagues.
--- End quote ---


Ray Palmer may have had a bigger role with this case, but I do not know if he was brought to trial... (I may be mistaken).. He wrote this PDF which I haven't managed to obtain.. but I'll post the link.. It may pertain to Joanna Yeates..

--- Quote ---R. Palmer, G. Polwarth, 2011. The persistence of fibres on skin in an outdoor deposition crime scene scenario. Science & Justice, 10 May 2011 (10.1016/j.scijus.2011.04.001)

N. - Centre for F...
NUCFS - Centre for Forensic Science hasn't uploaded this paper.
--- End quote ---


Was Ray Palmer the Forensic Scientist who tested the black coat fibres???

Another publication states that the FFS were not involved with the Investigation at the bottom of their article..

--- Quote ---The fibres examined in many cases are made up of the components of a thread – quite often invisible to the naked eye and unique to one person.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---They were also thought to be employing vaporised superglue, which reacts with
natural chemicals contained in sweat to produce a perfect white fingerprint.

Fibres found on textiles in the properties will also be studied.

Forensics expert Ray Palmer said: “They can give an indication of whether two
people were in contact.”
--- End quote ---


But then a find a spanner thrown in the works and go back to believing he had some connection to the case..

Jun 16, 2015 00:00 BST

--- Quote ---Northumbria’s forensic science courses are taught by former practitioners who have worked on high-profile cases including the Stephen Lawrence, Joanna Yeates and PC Ian Broadhurst murders, as well as the Ipswich serial killer case in which five women were murdered over a ten-day period in 2006.
--- End quote ---


He does various talks.....


(29):  Dr Kelly Sheridan 

The only reason I found her was because she had had published various articles which state she worked on the Joanna Yeates case...

--- Quote ---Kelly joined the teaching staff at Northumbria University in 2013 after 7 years with LGC Forensics. Kelly was formerly employed as a Senior Reporter in the Marks and Trace department, and a specialist advisor to the Cold Case team for cases involving the potential transfer of textile fibres. She has dealt with a number of high profile cases, including the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Joanna Yeates and given expert testimony in court on a number of occasions.
--- End quote ---

Did she testify in court????


--- Quote ---Article

Palmer, Ray, Burnett, Elisabeth, Luff, Natalie, Wagner, Craig, Stinga, Georgia, Carney, Clare and Sheridan, Kelly (2015) The prevalence of two ‘commonly’ encountered synthetic target fibres within a large urban environment. Science & Justice, 55 (2). pp. 103-106. ISSN 1355-0306
--- End quote ---

She has a Connection to Ray Palmer which drew my interest to her ...



(5): Forensics Officer  Martin Faithfull.

--- Quote ---The jury was shown images of the snow-covered body as forensic officer, Martin Faithfull, described the operation to retrieve her body.
--- End quote ---

I was surprised about this Forensics Officer... he must have been with Andrew Mott.... He confirms that the body was thawing..

--- Quote ---Mr Faithfull told the court how the forensic team had made efforts to prevent Miss Yeates frozen body from thawing out, in order to avoid losing any potentially significant evidence.
--- End quote ---


Later I discovered that Forensic Officer Martin Faithfull is a PC.....

23 Jun 2016

--- Quote ---The officers have all completed over 20 years in service, and each received a scroll outlining their personal service history.
They included: PC Martin Faithful from Nailsea
--- End quote ---


PC Martin Faithfull is part of the beat team at Redwood..


(22): Nurse Ruth Booth Pearson

There is very little known about Nurse Ruth Pearson.... I have searched and cannot find much... she was originally mentioned in a tweet at the time of the trial..

--- Quote ---richardpayneitv (Richard Payne)
Read statement from nurse Ruth Booth-Pearson, examined Tabak. He now head in hands in court, head bowed.
--- End quote ---

I found this here... this forum was  posting tweets as they happened as they were following the trial ...


--- Quote ---skynewsgatherer (Harriet Tolputt)
Tabak told the nurse he was normally "happy" and had no previous mental health problems.
--- End quote ---

Is this how they determined Dr Vincent Tabak's health??  Your Not going to divulge information to a stranger straight away! (IMO)

It's always a statement that is read out... why are these people NOT in court....

--- Quote ---This from Harriet Tolputt 6 minutes ago:

"The nurse found a 6x1 cm scar with scab on his left arm and a bruised toe nail."

No doubt from slipping on the snow.
--- End quote ---

With information like that why did she not make a personal appearance to give her expert opinion as to the age of the scar and how and why Dr Vincent Tabak had come to have such a scar... You would have thought more would have been made of such an injury...

I don't even know if Dr Vincent Tabak was ever asked how the injury happened ?? But with the statement being made in court and no one to cross examine... the jury will make their own decision about the scar...




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