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« on: January 09, 2018, 10:19:53 PM »

There are many coincidences in this case, that I find curious, there has to be some kind of link or meaning to what has been said..

By Daily Mail Reporter
UPDATED: 07:57, 24 December 2010

Mr Yeates, 63, an IT professional, and Mrs Yeates, 58, who works for Waitrose, repeatedly wept and clutched each other in despair as they spoke of their darkest fears about her uncharacteristic disappearance.


By Mail on Sunday Reporter
UPDATED: 22:34, 26 December 2010

Mrs Reardon, who works for Waitrose, and her husband John, both 67, said their plans for a family reunion over Christmas had been shattered by Miss Yeates’s disappearance.

Why do we have the mother of both Greg Reardon and Joanna Yeates both working for "Waitrose"???  We know apparently that Joanna Yeates popped into Waitrose also...

What is the significance of 'Waitrose"??

And Mrs Reardon talking about a family reunion over Christmas, when apparently the Christmas plans were for Greg Reardon to go to Mr and Mrs Yeates home..

Anguished boyfriend’s sleepless nights
Greg Reardon was left in ‘absolute pieces’ following the disappearance of his girlfriend Jo Yeates.

He had been planning to spend Christmas with her at her parents’ home in Ampfield, Hampshire, then travel to Scotland for Hogmanay.

So whom had Greg Reardon been planning to spend Christmas with ??

Joanna Yeates and her parents or Joanna Yeates and his parents ??? Very confusing!

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2018, 09:22:20 AM »
Tabak Googled the words
‘Rubbish collection York Place Clifton Bristol’
‘Jo Yeates rubbish’

There is nothing like coincidence.....

Tanja Morson  according to lived at Canygne Road with Dr Vincent Tabak and two other people, a Zeta Collette and an Adrian P Derrick... See Image 1:

In Image 2 we see Tanja Morson lived at an address with Helena P Burden, Melissa G Dalley

In Image 3 we see that
Helena P Burden
Age Guide: 26-30
Full Address
Melissa G Dalley, Tanja Morson

Image 4 is where Dr Helen Burden lives and works....

Dr Helena Burden had worked as a director from the 23rd of December 2005 up til the termination date on the 1st of November 2014. This CEO had worked in 12 York Place Limited situated at 12 York Place, Clifton, BS8 1AH, in Bristol.

Image 5..
2   Helena P Burden
Age Guide: 26-30
York Place, BS8 1AH
Full Address
Melissa G Dalley, Tanja Morson

Now I find that a little coincidental... That York Place is where Tanja Morson used to live with Dr Helena Burden... And York Place just happened to get mentioned in court????

Was Tanja Morson the real target??  It has been suggested before !

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2018, 09:51:49 PM »
Part 1... Colin Port

Leaking of my name on arrest by the police to the press

t5, I have recently received a letter from the Chief Constable of ASC confirming that my
name was leaked to the press when I was arrested. See page 13 of CJ2.
I have been
informed that an internal inquiry has led to the arrest of two people although no one
has been charged. Tile letter refers to an "inadvei’tent" disclosure by the police but
provides no details, whM1 prevents the explanation being investigated or verified

Now this Paragraph is important.. When you realise that Colin Port was not the Chief constable that CJ is referring too... As Colin Port was no longer Chief Constable

I refer to your letter dated 23rd November which I received today, 30th November. It
was franked on Tuesday 27th November when I am led to believe it was posted. I
have been away.

Given the reaction of the public to my retirement and many, many requests I have
received to fulfil commitments to them, I have had to readjust my plans and therefore
will not be leaving until 26th January. I will, however, take annual leave during this
period as I would have done normally and as I indicated to the PCC last week, DCC
Beckley will act as Chief Constable in my absence during those annual leave
periods. I do this as I too need to give clarity regarding who is the Chief Constable.

There are other issues mentioned in your letter which are concerning and which I am
considering separately.

Yours sincerely
Colin Port
Chief Constable

Colin Port states there were no leaks;

During the course of the Joanna Yeates murder investigation we came under
considerable pressure from the media, including "officials" from the Crime
Reporters Association to give "off-the-record" briefings. ACPO also
suggested a meeting with national editors but at no time during the missing
person/murder investigation did Avon and Somerset give "off-the-record
background briefings" to crime reporters or any other journalists, in fact we
were criticised by the media for not doing this.

With the information CJ gives and Colin Ports denial at The Leveson, What was the contents of the letter sent to Colin Port?? Who were the Officers that were arrested??

There are other issues mentioned in your letter which are concerning and which I am
considering separately.

What were the other issues that were concerning??

It may appear that I am off topic... But they are all connected to The Joanna Yeates Case, and I believe that every avenue must be explored...

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2018, 09:52:26 PM »
Part 2....

have had to readjust my plans and therefore
will not be leaving until 26th January. I will, however, take annual leave during this
period as I would have done normally and as I indicated to the PCC last week,

That's an interesting piece of information... And depends on your view... But it cannot be coincidence

I alway thought that it was the review happening was the reason that they arrested Dr Vincent Tabak at the time they did.... And it still could be...

But I do not know which way to read his letter... Does he mean he takes his annual leave around the 26th January, every year... Or that he's off on annual leave after November 30th?  Which would mean he possibily should have been away when the Joanna Yeates Investigation happened...

Now around the 26th January is the date that the review should have taken place, on the Investigation into the Joanna Yeates Case... Now that date cannot just be coincidence...

I have to ask this in questions because I don't know or understand...

Was Colin Ports usual annual leave on the 26 January every year??

Did Colin Port drop his holidays to deal with the Investigation??? And if so why?? Surely there would be someone acting as CC when he's away on his jollies??

Was Colin Port at the helm the entire time of the Joanna Yeates Investigation?? Or did he have a Holiday in this time period....

There could be more to do with the date the 26th January as far as this Investigation and case goes... The thing is I think it needs pin pointing... It cannot just be a coincidence that this date would have been around the time a review was due... Or that it could be when Colin Port returned from his jollies (possibily)

‘She told me she intends to start the process to recruit a chief constable to take Avon and Somerset forward. I told her I had no intention of applying for my job.’

‘I can confirm that I will be retiring from the police service on January 26 2013 at the end of my fixed-term appointment. In effect, I will be leaving considerably sooner.’

Thinking about the people who gave statements to The Leveson, I am now wondering whether Colin Port was actually around at the time of the Joanna Yeates Investigation... And he was expected back by the 26th January 2011.. If he wasn't around he couldn't know what was leaked and what wasn't..

And as CJ had a letter from the from the Chief Constable confirming his name was leaked... Colin Port should not really be denying this info...

Just because Colin Port gave The Leveson Inquiry details of what happened at the time of the Joanna Yeates murder Investigation doesn't mean that he was actually sat in his office at Avon and Somerset Police Station... He could have just gave the Inquiry the details.. He just has to use the logs to know what has and what hasn't been done or said....(imo) (Think we need Colin Port to confirm or deny whether he was away at anytime during the Joanna Yeates Investigation)..

He might well have made a statement to the Leveson... But....  that information about the "Nero cafe" CCTV.. he didn't need to divulge... Did he forget that it was never mentioned to the public?? And the Information came from the logs?? Or was he letting us know important information that was left out of what we already knew??

Was Colin Port there when they were Investigating Joanna Yeates Murder and disappearance??

Was getting Dr Vincent Tabak banged to rights by the 26th January 2010.. More to do with Colin Port returning from his annual leave or the possibility of a review?? They had No evidence against Dr Vincent Tabak at this point!!

It is a question to ponder... And those dates cannot be Coincidence...(imo)

Just going back to DCI Phil Jones... At no point that I can see does he mention Colin Port by name... His Interaction as far as this case appear to be with a Rod Hansen...

. Since 5 January 2011 in order to
enable me as SIO to focus on the investigation, ACC Hansen, the Chief
Constable and the Head of CCD met daily to deal with media issues and
ramifications because of the extent of media interest.

Was Hansen Acting Chief Constable at this time ??? I know that ACC is (Assistant Chief Constable) But was he acting CC at the time of  the Investigation?? And why doesn't DCI Jones says Colin Port's name ?? If he was indeed at the helm during the Investigation .... Looking at DCI Phil Jones's Leveson statement.. he never mentions Colin Port as far as I can see....

Another interesting point with Rod Hansen...

Chief Surveillance Commissioner: Sir Christopher Rose
OSC INSPECTION REPORT: Avon and Somerset Constabulary
Date(s) of Inspection:21-25 March 2011
Inspector: L.W. Turnbull
Chief Constable:Mr Colin Port
 PO Box 37
 Valley Road
 North Somerset
 BS20 8QJ
1. The structure of the force remains largely as previously reported, though there
have been some changes in key personnel since last year. There is a new ACC
(Protective Services) (since September 2010) Mr. Rod Hansen; he has
responsibility for many RIPA issues and is the main authorising officer for
undercover operations CHIS.

So either we are talking Rod Hansen involvement with the Investigation as "Protective Services" (Under cover operations....) RIPA.. ( surveillance)... well he didn't need to do that if it was just a "Simple Murder Inquiry" Because no evidence of this came to Dr Vincent Tabak's trial.....

Or.. Maybe he was acting as Chief Constable because Colin Port was on his annual Jollies.. ??..... Or..maybe someone else was acting CC.

The only other possible source for the leak, would be if they had someone who was covered by CHIS... Now that brings all sorts of interesting options... And they would not be able to divulge the source of the leak... (imo)

One last question to ponder.... Did Colin Port go away around the 27th December 2010 and that was the reason that they changed SIO to DCI Phil Jones???
Did Colin Port have no control over this??
It's difficult trying to read between the lines...  Who was actually in control of this Case...

But does it make a difference if Colin Port is away??

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Re: Coincidences... Chalk T
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2018, 10:37:24 PM »
I knew I wasn"t going around the twist... When i wrote this post...

DC Mark Luther is an Anagram of "Murder" Chalk T"

And this is why It cannot be Coincidence...

THE heartbroken parents of Jo Yeates yesterday said her killer should be facing a hangman’s noose.

Devastated Teresa and David Yeates hit out after Dutch engineer Vincent Tabak was found guilty of murdering their daughter.

Then I discovered what Chalk T meant....

It was normal for the hangman to make a chalk T on the trap so that the prisoner's feet could be correctly positioned exactly over the centre of the two leaves.

So there is NO Coincidence that Sky News make a tweet in the 10 minute breakat the trial of Dr Vincent Tabak about a ficticious "DC Mark Luther", whilst obviously letting someone know something of great importance...

I remember some people where shocked to hear The Yeates talk about hanging... I do not believe they meant that Comment for Dr Vincent Tabak....

The comment is made by Sky News on the 20th October 2011.. Long before The trial is concluded... They Knew something... "That is obvious..."

So who was The Chalk T meant for ?????

Edit.. "Murder" could also stand for 'Red Rum"  we going back to Horses again...... "Sorcy"!!

If we are talking horses for what ever reason... Horse manes get "Braids"... Is that why it was called "Operation Braid"??

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2018, 11:13:53 PM »
Where have I heard something similar to this...

The prisoner dropped through the trap and would be left hanging motionless in the cell below, unconscious, and with their neck broken. The whole process would have occupied about the same length of time as it has taken you to read this paragraph - somewhere between 15 and 20 seconds.

From the trial...

"Twenty seconds is long time," he said.

"Whatever, in fact, the period of time was - it might have been less, it might have been more, perhaps 15 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds - but it is a long time when you have your hands around the throat of another person.

Coincidence.. It's the approximate length of time...

What was going on !!! Who were they telling about hanging??

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #6 on: January 30, 2018, 10:33:13 AM »
I don't know where to start....  Firstly an apology to leonora... When i thought some of the things on your blog were wild notions... Where i am ending up with this cannot be Coincidence....

Well lets start with coincidence..... Porn being mentioned is NO Coincidence...

* The Birches finding her Body....
* DNA on her Lips
* Dr Vincent Tabak putting his coat on The Rack
* Mr and Mrs Yeates having Joanna Yeates Diary
* Baking Mince Pies
* Going to a Christening
* The Sorcy sign for Horses
* The Missing Sock
* Straps
* Broom Handles
* No Forced Entry

They are all related to sex... Dr Delaney decided that Joanna Yeates hadn't been sexually assaulted because her Jeans were in tact... Well that isn't a scientific way in why to come to that conclusion...

Defence asks why the use of the broom handle to attach the straps to move #Joannayeates' body was not in statement.
3:48 PM - 14 Oct 2011Twitter
Dr Delaney said he is confident the broom handle did not cause any injury #Joannayeates #Vincenttabak

It's what lies between the tweets...

12:25 PM - 19 Oct 2011Twitter
He took off his coat and hung it on the rack. She offered him a drink, they chatted as neighbours would.

The Rack (Bondage)

12:27 PM - 19 Oct 2011Twitter
Clegg says Tabak misread the situation. She was just being friendly but he made a move towards her to kiss her in her lips.

You see I do not think that she has made an error here...  She is talking about Oral Sex, I believe that was deliberate..

"One thing that is clear is that between 8.30pm and 9.30pm is that Joanna Yeates was killed. " says Clegg.

I believe that she was expecting someone between those times, and it was written in her diary... The name of who ever she saw was in her diary!

Clegg could not have know for sure what time Joanna Yeates would have died between... Unless there was a written entry..

'No forced entry'

Officers have also removed the front door to Miss Yeates' flat in Canynge Road as part of the investigation.

No Forced Entry = Consensual Sex...

The Birch... A whip....

Christening... Sexual term...

Greg and Joanna Yeates cannot have been the perfect couple... That is for sure...(imo)

Her jeans were in place and Delaney told the court there was no indication they had been tampered with.

That is no definition of whether someone has been sexually assaulted... This whole case has been screaming Sex... Dr Vincent Tabak was sentenced because it was apparently Sexually Motivated....

I believe it was "Sexually Motivated, just not in the way they have said....

Straps and broom handles all can be used in bondage...

I believe that some kind of sexual encounter took place... But they avoided mentioning anything to do with Joanna Yeates in any shape or form...

The question now is who killed Joanna Yeates... were there other people who were there as CJ had claimed...  Who did CJ see...

My post may seem a bit extreme... And I do not wish to Offend, This has everything to do with sex and I believe consensual sex..... But they have hidden it carefully..

They also know who Joanna Yeates saw... So I believe they also know who killed her... Because we are not going to be putting messages about hanging someone in code form in between tweets...

It's about time we know the truth... Making fools of the public and scapegoats...

I don't know what to say... other than DC Mark Luther...  otherwise  I believe they want to hang the murderer...

So when  you step forward onto the Chalk T I believe some will be satisfied... But you need to know about the Chalk T in the first place.... So who are you??

Did Dr Vincent Tabak also see you??

Is that why he was arrested.. Or had CJ told him who he had seen????

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #7 on: January 30, 2018, 10:53:34 AM »
And just to put the cherry on the top......


Coldplay is a sex act. A kinky, kinky sex act. And now I can't get their songs out of my head, and it's driving me insane. All Coldplay lyrics now resemble a freaky sex act. I mean, WHAT was "all yellow"?! Wait, don't tell me, because if it's about kinky sex, then I DO NOT want to know.

Edit..  8)><( 8)><( 8)><( Yes I Know !  8(0(*

  Double Edit... Coldplay... That took me long enough... I am so  naive....

Now my spelling is terrible and i have to look on google...

Thing was I spelt it incorrectly.... "Nieve" But the Coincidence with that was the translation...

It's Spanish for Snow... Now isn't that spooky... maybe the Snow is all about how Naive Joanna Yeates was....

The court case was about Dr Vincent Tabak being Dutch and how he spoke 3 languages... maybe it's someone who speaks Spanish they need to look at..... Just a thought!

~Or maybe it's another Sex term...  Omg.. where have I ended up with this??

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #8 on: March 02, 2018, 05:58:46 PM »
I found this article about a "Missing Woman" in Ireland at the same time as Joanna yeates... 

A woman who disappeared in December 2010 after withdrawing €60 from an ATM in Dublin and taking a taxi to Howth probably died by drowning, an inquest has found.

Although the body of Blathnaid Timothy (33) has never been recovered, Dublin City coroner Dr Brian Farrell said yesterday there was sufficient evidence to find she had drowned. He told her family he had applied to Minister for Justice Alan Shatter to hold her inquest in the absence of a body and permission was granted on March 12th.

The inquest heard that Ms Timothy, Smith Hall, Camden Street, Dublin, was seen on CCTV taking money from an ATM on St John Rogerson’s Quay before taking a taxi on December 14th at about 8pm. Taxi driver John Boyle said he took her to Howth.

Jane Rickard, who had been walking her dog along Howth promenade, identified Ms Timothy as a woman she had seen walking toward the East Pier.

Aoife Murphy, her sister, said Ms Timothy “was not happy” and was suffering from back pain. She had spoken to her on the phone intermittently on December 13th, but could not get through to her phone on December 14th. She was not overly worried initially as this had happened before.

She called to Ms Timothy’s flat on December 17th and found her room empty. On her laptop, evidence was found that she had been visiting websites that indicated to her she was considering suicide.

Ms Murphy reported her missing to gardaí and showed them the laptop.

“My feeling was she was depressed,” Ms Murphy said, but she was conscious of the “stigma around it” and would not admit to it. She had given up her job the previous May because she found the travel and deadlines too stressful. She had no financial problems but she had stopped socialising.

“I think that her body is lost at sea,” she said. “I think that her body went into the sea at Howth.” She thanked gardaí “for what they did and the respect they’ve shown”.

Gardaí gave evidence that Howth Harbour and along the coast had been searched and that relevant authorities in England and the Isle of Man had been contacted through Interpol with no success.

Dr Farrell said it was probable Ms Timothy died by suicide, but it was not beyond a reasonable doubt. He returned an open verdict with death by drowning a probable cause.

Thought the fact that she was not at her home on 17th December 2010 rather coincidental being mentioned..
Thought the fact that she had withdrawn money from an atm before she went Missing coincidental too..
Also not being well around the same time as Joanna Yeates....

Immediately after withdrawing €60, she hailed a taxi on the street and got into what appears to be a black Mercedes, which drove west towards the city centre. Ms Timothy only has her ATM card with her, no phone and no change of clothes.

How could they Coronor decide she probably drowned when there was nothing to indicate such an outcome apart from some apparent web searches relates to suicide... That isn't evidence she killed herself... Why an Inquest into her death when no body has been found?? There wasn't an Inquest into Claudia Lawerence... was there??
And why get out 60 euro if you are going to commit suicide.. That doesn't make sense!

Again no mobile phone....

This womans disappearance gets a little more interesting...
On the day after Ms Timothy, 33, was reported missing, gardai examined her laptop and found that websites she had visited suggested she had been contemplating taking her life. It is also understood that CCTV footage indicated she had been walking up and down the edge of the quayside on the Liffey.

She then went to an ATM on St John Rogerson's Quay, took out €60 and hailed the taxi to Harbour Road in Howth. Ms Timothy had no known reason to be visiting either the quayside or Howth. She lived in an apartment in Camden Street, about a mile away from the Liffey.

The pier and cliffs around Howth are among the worst sites in Ireland for rescue crews being called out to recover bodies or people who have fallen and badly injured themselves. On the same day that Ms Timothy disappeared, the lifeboat crew had recovered the body of another young woman there. Foul play was not suspected.

So she goers to an atm after she is on the edge?? Aldo they have recovered another body... within this article they mention Joanna yeates..

People involved in the rescue services were perplexed last week at the way the disappearance of Ms Timothy was handled by gardai. At the time the public appeal began, there was no indication as to whether gardai suspected foul play.

One source said the result was an unnecessary panic which coincided with publicity in the British media about the disappearance and murder of Joanna Yeates.

So this woman could be in the sea and she doesn't hit the national headlines??  But then i noticed this
Last week, there were renewed appeals for anyone who might have noticed a woman wearing a 'dogstooth scarf, which Ms Timothy's family believe she was wearing on the night she disappeared.

I always wondered why the media were wearing Dogstooth during the Joanna Yeates Investigation... I think I have mentioned it before..

She used the National Irish Bank ATM at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay in Dublin city centre at 8pm on that Tuesday. Aoife Timothy said her sister withdrew €60.

Immediately after using the machine, she hailed a taxi and got into the back seat. The taxi, which appears to be a black Mercedes in CCTV footage (see images below), drove west along the quays towards the city centre.

So how did they arrive at the idea that she had drowned if she went towards the city centre in a Taxi??

Here's a need to speak to foreign nationals
“We want to talk to as many taxi drivers as possible, and particularly foreign national taxi drivers because they might not have been listening to the radio or reading the papers and might not know,” he said.

Not worried when they couldn't contact her by mobile phone??
She had spoken to her on the phone intermittently on December 13th, but could not get through to her phone on December 14th. She was not overly worried initially as this had happened before.

Gardai talk abductions on the 26th December 2010
Gardai admitted yesterday that the disappearance was baffling. There have been no recent reports of attempted abductions or assaults on women in circumstances in any way similar to Blathnaid's disappearance.

Well across the water there was Joanna Yeates whom had disappeared in similar circumstances...

* Dogstooth
* Quay
* December 14th 2010
* December 17th 2010
* Taxi's
* Didn't always respond to her mobile
* 8:00pm
* Foreign national?
* Not been well before she went Missing
* Abduction
* Dog Walker

Now the oddest part about this lady is nothing is written about her after 24th January 2011 on the Facebook Page about her "Missing"

Thats the day Dr Vincent Tabak faces Bristol Magistrates Court... How coincidental is that? I just find this all very strange... Came across this by accident..

Another point of Interest was that Mark Williams Thomas tweeted about this Missing Woman...
Mark Williams-Thomas

Verified account
Following Following @mwilliamsthomas
Grave concern 4 the welfare of Blathnaid Timothy (33) missing since 14 Dec - last seen Camden Street, Dublin -

7:31 AM - 28 Dec 2010

Was this the reason A&S Police were upset with ITV?? They didn't want this "Missing Person" detracting from The Joanna Yeates Case?? or they didn't want a connection made?? Don't know if there is a connection... It just peaked my interest..

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #9 on: March 02, 2018, 06:26:23 PM »
Just to add a little more about Blathnaid Timothy.. Her house mate was this lady


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TBT. Today I remember my house mate in Dublin Ireland #BlathnaidTimothy who got 'missing' some…

3:47 PM - 17 Sep 2017

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #10 on: March 02, 2018, 07:01:21 PM »
Here's another odd coincidence....
Gardaí have released an image of a scarf, which they believe missing woman Blathnaid Timothy was wearing as a headscarf at the time of her disappearance.

It is a scarf from Warehouse and is called a 'Dogtooth' scarf.

The scarf would have been slightly frayed from wear and tear and may help jog people's memories if they had seen her.

I knew I'd seen something to do with Warehouse in relation to the Joanna Yeates Case... it's from this video.. I've attached the image... It had bugged me for ages why they should show an image of a Warehouse Plastic Bag...

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Re: Coincidences...
« Reply #11 on: September 03, 2018, 11:54:03 AM »
Coincidences.... Names, images, everything appears the same but they may not be...  I was going to write about Nigel Lickley , and the images that appear of him outside Bristol Crown Court.... Which look like him but i do not believe that it is him... A dopple-ganger, there seems to be a lot of dopple-gangers in this case....

I will add the image, and will come back to images of people that appear the same but are different at a later date....

I get distracted and end up elsewhere and then came across an image of Theresa yeates....

It was this image on Alla Yeates Facebook, it has Mrs Yeates sat on some steps with a young child whom I am guessing is her grandchild and a couple of women sat behind her to the left....

I looking at this image and trying to work out where it has been taken... (Now this is where i have a theory)..  There is high fencing around Mrs Yeates... The image is taken near woking.... It had me wondering if it was a prison?? It may not be a prison where this image was taken, But....

Here's where it gets interesting... well for me anyway....  And coincidences collide...

There is a prison in woking ..

Shaftesbury Road
GU24 9EX

Might not be the correct prison, but talking coincidences... The Governor is called "Jo Sim"

Those of you whom have watched The last honour of Christopher Jefferies will know that the actor who played Dr Vincent Tabak was called "Jo Sim"...

How coincidental... Or is it more to the point that Jo Sims was picked to play Dr Vincent Tabak because of his name, rather than any likeness he may or may not have??

Has someone gone to prison for Joanna Yeates death?? Or gone to prison for another reason connected to The Joanna Yeates Case??

This Case is not what it seems, (imo)... Something is being covered up..(imo)

Who is connected to who?? Who would be embarrassed if the truth came out??

I keep going over reporters revealing who the witness's were before the even entered the court room....  That image of Rebecca Scott being escorted into court by 2 large gentlemen.... We shouldn't have her being identified as a witness.. Why would they??

Other events concern me also.... The Yeates... now I don't want to appear disrespectful, but unless I ask the questions nothing will change or move forward...

Virtually every time Dr Vincent Tabak made a court appearance, The Yeates were there... They were at Plea and management hearings... They were at 'The Old Bailey" They were at Bristol Crown Court...

I cannot and do not know if the family of The Victim can attend court hearings... It seems wrong to me.... Isn't the fact that they were at these hearing strange... How can it be deemed fair for Dr Vincent Tabak having to face the parents of Joanna Yeates every time he is pleading his case .... Or knowing that they are there...

What is a plea and case management hearing in UK law?
The first hearing after committal, a plea and case management hearing ensures that the correct plea and trial process has been followed.

At a hearing, the judge will decide if enough information has been provided to allow a trial date to be set.

A plea and case management hearing is always heard at the crown court.

Them attending the court every time Dr Vincent Tabak has a hearing doesn't seem lawful to me... But it had me thinking... why were they really there??

Did they attend the court for another purpose??  I have a feeling that it is a distinct possibility...

For them to be at court every time , they either have to be related to Dr Vincent Tabak in some way... Or they were there for a completely different reason....  (imo)

Lets be serious here for a minute... why on earth would they go to The Old Bailey for a Plea and management hearing of Dr Vincent Tabak's??

You either have them knowing well in advance that Dr Vincent Tabak is going to plead guilty to Manslaughter... Or they are there for another reason and the media made it appear that they were at The Old Bailey for Dr Vincent Tabak's  Plea and management case hearing... I honestly cannot think of another case where parents of the victim attend a plea and management case hearing...

20th September 2011:

David and Teresa Yeates were at Bristol crown court for a pre-trial hearing for Vincent Tabak. The couple have not seen Tabak in person in court before as the defendant has appeared by video link from prison at the previous hearings they attended.

So were they... did they... attend the courts for a different reason??

We have to remember the media were warned about naming witness etc in January... And Dr Vincent Tabak's name was all over the media on arrest.... So is Dr Vincent Tabak an assumed name?? A name that someone has been previously know by or just a random person that was used to be stitched up for a crime he didn't commit??

I have always said that Dr Vincent Tabak is Innocent,... and If the man I believe is Dr Vincent Tabak from the images, and is a seperate individual from everyone else in this case... Then I will stick with my belief...

But if it is a person's who has changed their name for instance... Then I can't say...

So why are The Yeates at virtually every court hearing??  They shouldn't be (imo) just like they shouldn't be walking around a Crime Scene on Longwood Lane whilst it is still being processed...

What crime was committed?? Was there more than one Crime... Is someone related to The Yeates in prison because of this case??

It is a question to contemplate... because anything is possible in this case...!! (imo)

If someone would clarify if the parents of a murder victim are allowed to attend the plea and case management meetings in court of the defendant before a trial, it would clear one thing up at least.. But I cannot see it myself... But I could be wrong...

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Re: Coincidences...
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There are many coincidences in this case, that I find curious, there has to be some kind of link or meaning to what has been said..

By Daily Mail Reporter
UPDATED: 07:57, 24 December 2010


By Mail on Sunday Reporter
UPDATED: 22:34, 26 December 2010

Why do we have the mother of both Greg Reardon and Joanna Yeates both working for "Waitrose"???  We know apparently that Joanna Yeates popped into Waitrose also...

What is the significance of 'Waitrose"??

And Mrs Reardon talking about a family reunion over Christmas, when apparently the Christmas plans were for Greg Reardon to go to Mr and Mrs Yeates home..

So whom had Greg Reardon been planning to spend Christmas with ??

Joanna Yeates and her parents or Joanna Yeates and his parents ??? Very confusing!

Why do you imagine it's weird for two people who know each other to work at the same place?

Person A ..... "I'd love a p/time f/time job
Person B. .... "Really? They're recruiting at our place, I'll put in a word"
Person A ..... "Great!"