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There are many coincidences in this case, that I find curious, there has to be some kind of link or meaning to what has been said..

By Daily Mail Reporter
UPDATED: 07:57, 24 December 2010

--- Quote ---Mr Yeates, 63, an IT professional, and Mrs Yeates, 58, who works for Waitrose, repeatedly wept and clutched each other in despair as they spoke of their darkest fears about her uncharacteristic disappearance.
--- End quote ---


By Mail on Sunday Reporter
UPDATED: 22:34, 26 December 2010

--- Quote ---Mrs Reardon, who works for Waitrose, and her husband John, both 67, said their plans for a family reunion over Christmas had been shattered by Miss Yeates’s disappearance.
--- End quote ---

Why do we have the mother of both Greg Reardon and Joanna Yeates both working for "Waitrose"???  We know apparently that Joanna Yeates popped into Waitrose also...

What is the significance of 'Waitrose"??

And Mrs Reardon talking about a family reunion over Christmas, when apparently the Christmas plans were for Greg Reardon to go to Mr and Mrs Yeates home..

--- Quote ---Anguished boyfriend’s sleepless nights
Greg Reardon was left in ‘absolute pieces’ following the disappearance of his girlfriend Jo Yeates.

He had been planning to spend Christmas with her at her parents’ home in Ampfield, Hampshire, then travel to Scotland for Hogmanay.
--- End quote ---

So whom had Greg Reardon been planning to spend Christmas with ??

Joanna Yeates and her parents or Joanna Yeates and his parents ??? Very confusing!



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--- Quote ---Tabak Googled the words
‘Rubbish collection York Place Clifton Bristol’
‘Jo Yeates rubbish’
--- End quote ---

There is nothing like coincidence.....

Tanja Morson  according to 192.com lived at Canygne Road with Dr Vincent Tabak and two other people, a Zeta Collette and an Adrian P Derrick... See Image 1:

In Image 2 we see Tanja Morson lived at an address with Helena P Burden, Melissa G Dalley

In Image 3 we see that
Helena P Burden
Age Guide: 26-30
Full Address
Melissa G Dalley, Tanja Morson

Image 4 is where Dr Helen Burden lives and works....

--- Quote ---Dr Helena Burden had worked as a director from the 23rd of December 2005 up til the termination date on the 1st of November 2014. This CEO had worked in 12 York Place Limited situated at 12 York Place, Clifton, BS8 1AH, in Bristol.
--- End quote ---

Image 5..
2   Helena P Burden
Age Guide: 26-30
York Place, BS8 1AH
Full Address
Melissa G Dalley, Tanja Morson

Now I find that a little coincidental... That York Place is where Tanja Morson used to live with Dr Helena Burden... And York Place just happened to get mentioned in court????

Was Tanja Morson the real target??  It has been suggested before !


Part 1... Colin Port

--- Quote ---Leaking of my name on arrest by the police to the press

t5, I have recently received a letter from the Chief Constable of ASC confirming that my
name was leaked to the press when I was arrested. See page 13 of CJ2. I have been
informed that an internal inquiry has led to the arrest of two people although no one
has been charged. Tile letter refers to an "inadvei’tent" disclosure by the police but
provides no details, whM1 prevents the explanation being investigated or verified
--- End quote ---

Now this Paragraph is important.. When you realise that Colin Port was not the Chief constable that CJ is referring too... As Colin Port was no longer Chief Constable

--- Quote ---Dear
I refer to your letter dated 23rd November which I received today, 30th November. It
was franked on Tuesday 27th November when I am led to believe it was posted. I
have been away.

Given the reaction of the public to my retirement and many, many requests I have
received to fulfil commitments to them, I have had to readjust my plans and therefore
will not be leaving until 26th January. I will, however, take annual leave during this
period as I would have done normally and as I indicated to the PCC last week, DCC
Beckley will act as Chief Constable in my absence during those annual leave
periods. I do this as I too need to give clarity regarding who is the Chief Constable.

There are other issues mentioned in your letter which are concerning and which I am
considering separately.

Yours sincerely
Colin Port
Chief Constable
--- End quote ---

Colin Port states there were no leaks;

--- Quote ---,
During the course of the Joanna Yeates murder investigation we came under
considerable pressure from the media, including "officials" from the Crime
Reporters Association to give "off-the-record" briefings. ACPO also
suggested a meeting with national editors but at no time during the missing
person/murder investigation did Avon and Somerset give "off-the-record
background briefings" to crime reporters or any other journalists, in fact we
were criticised by the media for not doing this.
--- End quote ---

With the information CJ gives and Colin Ports denial at The Leveson, What was the contents of the letter sent to Colin Port?? Who were the Officers that were arrested??

--- Quote ---There are other issues mentioned in your letter which are concerning and which I am
considering separately.
--- End quote ---

What were the other issues that were concerning??

It may appear that I am off topic... But they are all connected to The Joanna Yeates Case, and I believe that every avenue must be explored...





Part 2....

--- Quote --- have had to readjust my plans and therefore
will not be leaving until 26th January. I will, however, take annual leave during this
period as I would have done normally and as I indicated to the PCC last week,
--- End quote ---

That's an interesting piece of information... And depends on your view... But it cannot be coincidence

I alway thought that it was the review happening was the reason that they arrested Dr Vincent Tabak at the time they did.... And it still could be...

But I do not know which way to read his letter... Does he mean he takes his annual leave around the 26th January, every year... Or that he's off on annual leave after November 30th?  Which would mean he possibily should have been away when the Joanna Yeates Investigation happened...

Now around the 26th January is the date that the review should have taken place, on the Investigation into the Joanna Yeates Case... Now that date cannot just be coincidence...

I have to ask this in questions because I don't know or understand...

Was Colin Ports usual annual leave on the 26 January every year??

Did Colin Port drop his holidays to deal with the Investigation??? And if so why?? Surely there would be someone acting as CC when he's away on his jollies??

Was Colin Port at the helm the entire time of the Joanna Yeates Investigation?? Or did he have a Holiday in this time period....

There could be more to do with the date the 26th January as far as this Investigation and case goes... The thing is I think it needs pin pointing... It cannot just be a coincidence that this date would have been around the time a review was due... Or that it could be when Colin Port returned from his jollies (possibily)

--- Quote ---‘She told me she intends to start the process to recruit a chief constable to take Avon and Somerset forward. I told her I had no intention of applying for my job.’

‘I can confirm that I will be retiring from the police service on January 26 2013 at the end of my fixed-term appointment. In effect, I will be leaving considerably sooner.’
--- End quote ---

Thinking about the people who gave statements to The Leveson, I am now wondering whether Colin Port was actually around at the time of the Joanna Yeates Investigation... And he was expected back by the 26th January 2011.. If he wasn't around he couldn't know what was leaked and what wasn't..

And as CJ had a letter from the from the Chief Constable confirming his name was leaked... Colin Port should not really be denying this info...

Just because Colin Port gave The Leveson Inquiry details of what happened at the time of the Joanna Yeates murder Investigation doesn't mean that he was actually sat in his office at Avon and Somerset Police Station... He could have just gave the Inquiry the details.. He just has to use the logs to know what has and what hasn't been done or said....(imo) (Think we need Colin Port to confirm or deny whether he was away at anytime during the Joanna Yeates Investigation)..

He might well have made a statement to the Leveson... But....  that information about the "Nero cafe" CCTV.. he didn't need to divulge... Did he forget that it was never mentioned to the public?? And the Information came from the logs?? Or was he letting us know important information that was left out of what we already knew??

Was Colin Port there when they were Investigating Joanna Yeates Murder and disappearance??

Was getting Dr Vincent Tabak banged to rights by the 26th January 2010.. More to do with Colin Port returning from his annual leave or the possibility of a review?? They had No evidence against Dr Vincent Tabak at this point!!

It is a question to ponder... And those dates cannot be Coincidence...(imo)

Just going back to DCI Phil Jones... At no point that I can see does he mention Colin Port by name... His Interaction as far as this case appear to be with a Rod Hansen...

--- Quote ---. Since 5 January 2011 in order to
enable me as SIO to focus on the investigation, ACC Hansen, the Chief
Constable and the Head of CCD met daily to deal with media issues and
ramifications because of the extent of media interest.
--- End quote ---

Was Hansen Acting Chief Constable at this time ??? I know that ACC is (Assistant Chief Constable) But was he acting CC at the time of  the Investigation?? And why doesn't DCI Jones says Colin Port's name ?? If he was indeed at the helm during the Investigation .... Looking at DCI Phil Jones's Leveson statement.. he never mentions Colin Port as far as I can see....

Another interesting point with Rod Hansen...

--- Quote ---Chief Surveillance Commissioner: Sir Christopher Rose
OSC INSPECTION REPORT: Avon and Somerset Constabulary
Date(s) of Inspection:21-25 March 2011
Inspector: L.W. Turnbull
Chief Constable:Mr Colin Port
 PO Box 37
 Valley Road
 North Somerset
 BS20 8QJ
1. The structure of the force remains largely as previously reported, though there
have been some changes in key personnel since last year. There is a new ACC
(Protective Services) (since September 2010) Mr. Rod Hansen; he has
responsibility for many RIPA issues and is the main authorising officer for
undercover operations CHIS.
--- End quote ---

So either we are talking Rod Hansen involvement with the Investigation as "Protective Services" (Under cover operations....) RIPA.. ( surveillance)... well he didn't need to do that if it was just a "Simple Murder Inquiry" Because no evidence of this came to Dr Vincent Tabak's trial.....

Or.. Maybe he was acting as Chief Constable because Colin Port was on his annual Jollies.. ??..... Or..maybe someone else was acting CC.

The only other possible source for the leak, would be if they had someone who was covered by CHIS... Now that brings all sorts of interesting options... And they would not be able to divulge the source of the leak... (imo)

One last question to ponder.... Did Colin Port go away around the 27th December 2010 and that was the reason that they changed SIO to DCI Phil Jones???
Did Colin Port have no control over this??
It's difficult trying to read between the lines...  Who was actually in control of this Case...

But does it make a difference if Colin Port is away??




I knew I wasn"t going around the twist... When i wrote this post...


DC Mark Luther is an Anagram of "Murder" Chalk T"

And this is why It cannot be Coincidence...

--- Quote ---THE heartbroken parents of Jo Yeates yesterday said her killer should be facing a hangman’s noose.

Devastated Teresa and David Yeates hit out after Dutch engineer Vincent Tabak was found guilty of murdering their daughter.
--- End quote ---

Then I discovered what Chalk T meant....

--- Quote ---It was normal for the hangman to make a chalk T on the trap so that the prisoner's feet could be correctly positioned exactly over the centre of the two leaves.
--- End quote ---

So there is NO Coincidence that Sky News make a tweet in the 10 minute breakat the trial of Dr Vincent Tabak about a ficticious "DC Mark Luther", whilst obviously letting someone know something of great importance...

I remember some people where shocked to hear The Yeates talk about hanging... I do not believe they meant that Comment for Dr Vincent Tabak....

The comment is made by Sky News on the 20th October 2011.. Long before The trial is concluded... They Knew something... "That is obvious..."

So who was The Chalk T meant for ?????

Edit.. "Murder" could also stand for 'Red Rum"  we going back to Horses again...... "Sorcy"!!

If we are talking horses for what ever reason... Horse manes get "Braids"... Is that why it was called "Operation Braid"??





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