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Here's another odd coincidence....

--- Quote ---Gardaí have released an image of a scarf, which they believe missing woman Blathnaid Timothy was wearing as a headscarf at the time of her disappearance.

It is a scarf from Warehouse and is called a 'Dogtooth' scarf.

The scarf would have been slightly frayed from wear and tear and may help jog people's memories if they had seen her.

--- End quote ---

I knew I'd seen something to do with Warehouse in relation to the Joanna Yeates Case... it's from this video.. I've attached the image... It had bugged me for ages why they should show an image of a Warehouse Plastic Bag...



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Coincidences.... Names, images, everything appears the same but they may not be...  I was going to write about Nigel Lickley , and the images that appear of him outside Bristol Crown Court.... Which look like him but i do not believe that it is him... A dopple-ganger, there seems to be a lot of dopple-gangers in this case....

I will add the image, and will come back to images of people that appear the same but are different at a later date....

I get distracted and end up elsewhere and then came across an image of Theresa yeates....

It was this image on Alla Yeates Facebook, it has Mrs Yeates sat on some steps with a young child whom I am guessing is her grandchild and a couple of women sat behind her to the left....

I looking at this image and trying to work out where it has been taken... (Now this is where i have a theory)..  There is high fencing around Mrs Yeates... The image is taken near woking.... It had me wondering if it was a prison?? It may not be a prison where this image was taken, But....

Here's where it gets interesting... well for me anyway....  And coincidences collide...

There is a prison in woking ..

Shaftesbury Road
GU24 9EX

Might not be the correct prison, but talking coincidences... The Governor is called "Jo Sim"

Those of you whom have watched The last honour of Christopher Jefferies will know that the actor who played Dr Vincent Tabak was called "Jo Sim"...

How coincidental... Or is it more to the point that Jo Sims was picked to play Dr Vincent Tabak because of his name, rather than any likeness he may or may not have??

Has someone gone to prison for Joanna Yeates death?? Or gone to prison for another reason connected to The Joanna Yeates Case??

This Case is not what it seems, (imo)... Something is being covered up..(imo)

Who is connected to who?? Who would be embarrassed if the truth came out??

I keep going over reporters revealing who the witness's were before the even entered the court room....  That image of Rebecca Scott being escorted into court by 2 large gentlemen.... We shouldn't have her being identified as a witness.. Why would they??

Other events concern me also.... The Yeates... now I don't want to appear disrespectful, but unless I ask the questions nothing will change or move forward...

Virtually every time Dr Vincent Tabak made a court appearance, The Yeates were there... They were at Plea and management hearings... They were at 'The Old Bailey" They were at Bristol Crown Court...

I cannot and do not know if the family of The Victim can attend court hearings... It seems wrong to me.... Isn't the fact that they were at these hearing strange... How can it be deemed fair for Dr Vincent Tabak having to face the parents of Joanna Yeates every time he is pleading his case .... Or knowing that they are there...

--- Quote ---What is a plea and case management hearing in UK law?
The first hearing after committal, a plea and case management hearing ensures that the correct plea and trial process has been followed.

At a hearing, the judge will decide if enough information has been provided to allow a trial date to be set.

A plea and case management hearing is always heard at the crown court.
--- End quote ---

Them attending the court every time Dr Vincent Tabak has a hearing doesn't seem lawful to me... But it had me thinking... why were they really there??

Did they attend the court for another purpose??  I have a feeling that it is a distinct possibility...

For them to be at court every time , they either have to be related to Dr Vincent Tabak in some way... Or they were there for a completely different reason....  (imo)

Lets be serious here for a minute... why on earth would they go to The Old Bailey for a Plea and management hearing of Dr Vincent Tabak's??

You either have them knowing well in advance that Dr Vincent Tabak is going to plead guilty to Manslaughter... Or they are there for another reason and the media made it appear that they were at The Old Bailey for Dr Vincent Tabak's  Plea and management case hearing... I honestly cannot think of another case where parents of the victim attend a plea and management case hearing...

20th September 2011:

--- Quote ---David and Teresa Yeates were at Bristol crown court for a pre-trial hearing for Vincent Tabak. The couple have not seen Tabak in person in court before as the defendant has appeared by video link from prison at the previous hearings they attended.
--- End quote ---

So were they... did they... attend the courts for a different reason??

We have to remember the media were warned about naming witness etc in January... And Dr Vincent Tabak's name was all over the media on arrest.... So is Dr Vincent Tabak an assumed name?? A name that someone has been previously know by or just a random person that was used to be stitched up for a crime he didn't commit??

I have always said that Dr Vincent Tabak is Innocent,... and If the man I believe is Dr Vincent Tabak from the images, and is a seperate individual from everyone else in this case... Then I will stick with my belief...

But if it is a person's who has changed their name for instance... Then I can't say...

So why are The Yeates at virtually every court hearing??  They shouldn't be (imo) just like they shouldn't be walking around a Crime Scene on Longwood Lane whilst it is still being processed...

What crime was committed?? Was there more than one Crime... Is someone related to The Yeates in prison because of this case??

It is a question to contemplate... because anything is possible in this case...!! (imo)

If someone would clarify if the parents of a murder victim are allowed to attend the plea and case management meetings in court of the defendant before a trial, it would clear one thing up at least.. But I cannot see it myself... But I could be wrong...







--- Quote from: Nine on January 09, 2018, 10:19:53 PM ---There are many coincidences in this case, that I find curious, there has to be some kind of link or meaning to what has been said..

By Daily Mail Reporter
UPDATED: 07:57, 24 December 2010


By Mail on Sunday Reporter
UPDATED: 22:34, 26 December 2010

Why do we have the mother of both Greg Reardon and Joanna Yeates both working for "Waitrose"???  We know apparently that Joanna Yeates popped into Waitrose also...

What is the significance of 'Waitrose"??

And Mrs Reardon talking about a family reunion over Christmas, when apparently the Christmas plans were for Greg Reardon to go to Mr and Mrs Yeates home..

So whom had Greg Reardon been planning to spend Christmas with ??

Joanna Yeates and her parents or Joanna Yeates and his parents ??? Very confusing!



--- End quote ---

Why do you imagine it's weird for two people who know each other to work at the same place?

Person A ..... "I'd love a p/time f/time job
Person B. .... "Really? They're recruiting at our place, I'll put in a word"
Person A ..... "Great!"


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