Other High Profile Cases and Persons of Interest > The murder of Annie Börjesson at Prestwick. £10,000 reward for information. Confidential Hotline No 07092 984231.

Photographs taken at the beach near to where Annie's body was found

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Yes, I visited Prestwick with my youngest son in August 2011 and posted some information boards along the seafront seeking information in the murder.  I was amazed at how many people took an interest in the case even now nearly 6 years on.

There is a yacht club beside where the memorial is placed and some of the lady members renew it from time to time.  Would you believe that there are youths who would defame such memorials, what is the world coming to?

And yes, it is very much alive even though the Scottish authorities would like it all to go away.  Shame on them!

Annie was found just here on the beach.

**** If anyone reading this lives near Prestwick their help would be greatly appreciated with the new campaign. ****


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