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Adrian Prout - Plea by Richard Wakefield (Kate prout's brother)

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Murdered Kate Prout's family beg killer husband to reveal where body is.

After the jury's verdict the family of Kate Prout pleaded with husband Adrian to tell them what he had done with her body.

The victim's brother Richard Wakefield, 59, said: "We would appeal to Adrian to tell us what happened to Kate and where she is because we would like to lay her to rest and say our goodbyes. Nothing will bring Kate back but we are pleased justice was done.

"It is a big relief that the trial has ended with this verdict and this will go some way towards allowing us to move forward."

Prout, 47, showed no emotion as the jury convicted him of killing Kate, 55, who was last seen at their home on November 5, 2007.

Police searched through animal waste at their 1.2million farm fearing Prout had fed former teacher Kate to the pigs.

The jury heard Prout had started an affair, fallen for the couple's house-sitter Diane Bellamy and wanted a divorce.

The day before Kate disappeared the couple rowed over their divorce settlement when Kate insisted she wanted 800,000, a sum which would have forced Prout to sell the farm against his wishes.

Prout did not tell police his wife was missing until five days after she vanished from their home, in Redmarley, Gloucester.

More than 50 officers plus divers, dog handlers and forensic staff searched woods, fields, two ponds, a reservoir, grain store and woodchip pile on and around the property.

Prout sent Ms Bellamy a text saying he loved her on the day Kate disappeared.

At least when one has a body one can mourn the death properly and give him or her a Christian burial.  But to know that ones sister has been murdered and is either buried in some unmarked grave or has been disposed of in some other way must be really hard to bear.

If Adrian Prout did kill his wife he should come clean now and at least then he would have a chance of parole when the time comes round.

Richard Wakefields plea


Padgates staff:

Nightmare in suburbia about the case.


--- Quote from: Joanne on December 28, 2012, 09:03:05 AM ---http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aeozWy3MvA&list=HL1356685295

Nightmare in suburbia about the case.

--- End quote ---

A good find Joanne but did they do a follow up programme as Adrian Prout later confessed to killing Kate and burying her body in the pheasant pens on the farm?  His confession followed a failed polygraph test which was insisted upon by his new fiancee and the mother of his baby daughter, Debbie Garlick.

It was confirmed in the end that Adrian had indeed strangled Kate following a row at the farmhouse, the rest is as they say, history.


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