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The internet searches allegedly done by Dr Vincent Tabak.

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I'm making the topics, because a lot of what has been discussed in the main thread is probably hard to find unless your a person who doesn't mind long posts...

The searches.. They were the shining star of the Prosecutions evidence, but I personally don't believe them, I have picked them apart and my main problem with these searches has always got to be the number one search... which in fact is apparently his first search..

The first search is innocuous as I have explained on many occasion, I believe this is the reason it was probably over looked by a defence not paying attention (IMO).

--- Quote ---At Line 118 of the prosecution chart
Tabak accessed the Internet and performed some Google searches
On 18 Dec 2010, Tabak searched at
1.26 am- ‘BBC news’ and ‘weather forecast’
1.46 am- ‘weather forecast’
1.47 am- ‘BBC Bristol news’
--- End quote ---

So at 1:26am on the Saturday 18th December 2010 it was possible for Dr Vincent Tabak to have made this search, but we then go on to the searches at 1:46am and 1:47am on the 18th December 2010.

Dr Vincent Tabak could not have done this search.... from the Defences Timeline:

--- Quote ---Defence Counsel: You were on the Internet later. Why did you do that? Constant contact
with Tanja by phone. At I.38 am, 18 December, you were leaving again in the hatchback.
Is this to collect Tanja from the Coach?
Tabak: Yes.
--- End quote ---

So... how could Dr Vincent Tabak have been on his home computer making 2 searches when he had left his home to collect Tanja from the party???

These searches are what make me question the searches in general!!  WHY didn't the defence see this??? they did their own timelines... are these original timelines the work of one of Dr Vincent Tabak's earlier lawyers?? Did Clegg do these timeline..?? Because they have not been cross referenced , which is hardly suprising as the Prosecution didn't give the defence the 1300 page document with these timelines until the 7th October when the trial had already started!!

I have far too many questions in regard to these searches and the 1300 page Document, the document which contained the timelines of Joanna Yeates ,Greg Reardon ,Tanja Morson and of course Dr Vincent Tabak...

I want to find out when this document was made, I have worked out the porn was never in this document as far as I am concerned, but now It has just dawned on me, if there are only 566 timelines within this document, when was it constructed??

Extremely important that question for many reasons, as it contains 4 peoples timelines what number lines are everyone elses???

Because if we can determine when The 1300 page Document was constructed, we may be able to determine when they decided that Tanja Morson would NOT appear as a witness..

With the lack of Tanja Morson appearing in this 1300 page Document, to me it shows that they never wanted her on the witness stand, she would have had to explain any searches she made... who said all the searches were Dr Vincent Tabaks????

So for 566 Timelines of a murder investigation the female counterpart to the main Murder suspect does not have her movements logged??? They virtually do not appear in this Big Fat Booklet!! WHY??

--- Quote --- When prosecution counsel Nigel Lickley opened the case, he produced copies of an
A3- bound document which consisted of colour-coded pages of the timeline of the alleged
murder: every incident from emails, mobile texts, landline telephone calls, travel,
shopping, etc of the parties involved, ieJoanna Yeates and her cohabitee; and Vincent
Tabak and his cohabitee. Importantly, these schedules also include alleged internet
searches by Dr Tabak. T
--- End quote ---

They both used the home computer, where were her searches?? She emailed Dr Vincent Tabak regularly, also texted him,they both did daily.. So why is it only early in the 1300 page Documents timelines do we hear about the texts and emails between Dr Vincent Tabak and Tanja????

The less time that Tanja Morson appears in these Timelines, the less I believe them.... We are talking a couple madly in love who couldn't bare to be apart, yet their correspondence changes... where are the texts and emails?? They should go right up to when Dr Vincent Tabak was arrested and they don't..

At the latter part of the searches Dr Vincent Tabak seems to appear to loose interest in this case, which for a man whom apparently was following the investigation in great detail, because he believed he would be arrested any minute because of the DNA, which is obviously another story that has been made up (IMO)...

Why give up searching?????

So I am wondering why Tanja Morson appears infrequently in this Document, and more importantly.. WHEN was this Document constructed??????



How can I not do my favourite of all the searches:....

--- Quote ---At Line 271 of the prosecution chart
Tabak searched the Dutch word
‘doodslag’ (English meaning: ‘manslaughter’)
--- End quote ---

This is either the 21st or the 22nd December 2010.. extremely important.. when this search was made Dr Vincent Tabak was in England, he was either working or was on his way or at Tanja's parents.. So it's not only in Holland that Dr Vincent Tabak used the Dutch language!

Important I tell you why.... It virtually one of the only times that Dr Vincent Tabak searches in Dutch as the searches appear to show...

But if he searches in Dutch.. who Translated the Dutch?????  and wouldn't there be plenty more DUTCH in his searches????

--- Quote ---On 23 Dec 2010 at 4.00 pm
Tabak searched the Dutch Wikipedia for the words
‘missing persons’
‘% of grey cars in UK’
‘Renault Megan cars in UK’
--- End quote ---

So twice we have Dutch...... I've checked the Dutch Wiki... they don't give a flying fig about the % of grey cars in the UK

Missing persons... why would he search the Dutch Wiki for Missing persons????  Is he looking for Missing Persons in Holland... the Dutch wiki


Doesn't make sense he would do that... and why would wiki have a list of missing persons?????

I want to know who Translated the Dutch text that Dr Vincent Tabak was supposed to have written... and if he searched twice in Dutch... where is the rest of the Dutch language in the Texts ,emails and searches that Dr Vincent Tabak was supposed to have done!!!!

If Lyndsey Farmery is not Bilingual, then who did she use to translate the Dutch Language of Dr Vincent Tabak's searches and why did this person NOT appear as a witness in court to testify to the validity and correct translation of said searches.....

Just had another thought....... Are the ENGLISH searches Tanja's ???? they shared their home laptop..  Did Dr Vincent Tabak actually do these searches?????

Or are Dr Vincent Tabak's uses of the computer purely in Dutch!!!!

Has the relevance of all these searches not dawned on you Nine? 

Tabak did all these searches after killing Joanna and hiding her body, searches of keywords which all relate to his deed.  Is the coincidence lost on you?


--- Quote from: Angelo222 on April 06, 2017, 04:55:42 PM ---Has the relevance of all these searches not dawned on you Nine? 

Tabak did all these searches after killing Joanna and hiding her body, searches of keywords which all relate to his deed.  Is the coincidence lost on you?

--- End quote ---

Hiding her body????? well if she laid in Plain Sight for 8 days she was hardly hidden.... That is why I do NOT believe she was on Longwood Lane for 8 days people would have seen her...

And the searches do not prove Intent... The searches could apply to anyone... I peronally do not believe that the searches are that of Dr Vincent Tabaks'.... His computer, his works computer were NEVER brought into court as evidence.... A slide show was shown of searches that could be any Tom Dick Harry or even Tanja..

Did the slide show differentiate, which Laptop/Computer each of these searches came from????? Or were they all just Lumped together????

Because Buro Happold's computers would be interesting to me... Most Employees Do Not Allow for such activities on their work computers... So I would like to see Buro Happolds computer when it says at work:....

--- Quote ---At Line 422 of the prosecution chart
 At 9.10 am (at work)
Tabak searched for press articles on the murder.
Then he Googled the words
‘DNA test’
‘Waste recycling’
‘rubbish collection’
--- End quote ---

These searches along with the supposed Porn searches he did at work... Do the work computers have the ability and access to various sites that the Prosecution say that they have?????

Dr Vincent Tabak helped a lot of his work colleagues on their computers... are there NO searches on them????  Did anyone at Buro Happold have access to Dr Vincent Tabak's Computer?????

Did the Defence check this ???? (probably not ) (IMO)

Without having the Computers from Buro Happold in the Court room and an expert from the defence questioning these searches... how do we Know that Dr Vincent Tabak made them????

``There could have been people in the Office who could verify that he wasn't at his own computer at certain times.... But that avenue was NEVER explored!!!!


--- Quote from: Angelo222 on April 06, 2017, 04:55:42 PM ---Has the relevance of all these searches not dawned on you Nine? 

Tabak did all these searches after killing Joanna and hiding her body, searches of keywords which all relate to his deed.  Is the coincidence lost on you?

--- End quote ---

The co-incidence is not lost on me, Angelo.

I have always accepted that I could be wrong, and that Vincent is guilty.

However, the computer searches (anyone's computer searches brought into court as evidence) need to be examined by both the prosecution and the defence. 

I object very strongly to evidence being presented to the defence at the very last minute, delaying the start of the trial, and not giving the defence team sufficient time to examine it.

It seems to be the case, these days, that computer searches are relied on too heavily as evidence. I object to this,because I look up all kinds of things on my computer. I bet I have porn on my hard drive, as I have been examining what VT is said to have looked at. I bet I have racism on my hard drive too, because I am very non-racist, but am interested in what these people get up to. I dread to think what conclusions would be drawn about me, if anyone examined my computer!

It is the same with "low copy " DNA, I fear. I'm sure my lovely little doggie (see my avatar) "spreads" my DNA to my neighbour, who fusses over her every morning at 6am when I take her for her walk, and he is out buying his Daily Mail!!  On a fine day, he will get down on the pavement and play with her! 

If his wife were to get murdered (which I really , really hope she never does, as she is a very nice person), they would probably find my DNA on his trousers, and I would be a suspect.  it's scary!!!

And, that is before thinking about what the other neighbours might say, and what the press might report!


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