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The internet searches allegedly done by Dr Vincent Tabak.

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--- Quote from: Leonora on April 06, 2017, 06:55:49 PM ---This is 2010. Very few people had smartphones. "Tethering" wasn't thought of.

Vincent Tabak is the sort of person who might have had an iPhone (?or a Blackberry) - but throughout this case, we and the jury were told only about "mobile telephones", "texting", "e-mails", "computers" and "laptops". Not until his trial for possession of images of child abuse in 2014 did anyone even mention the brand of laptop he used, namely, a Dell. It's as if what we have been told - by the police, the journalists, and the lawyers in court - has been carefully dumbed-down to make it sound plausible and easy to understand.

The only witness who testified in person about a connection between any person and any content on any technical device was Joanna's best friend, who told the court that she received a text message from the police on her own phone, and her attempt to phone Joanna's phone, which was answered by Greg Reardon. The witness who took the court through the 1300-page timeline did not herself testify that she had computer analysis skills, nor, while in the witness box, did she link any items on the timeline and on the screens in court to the defendant or any other person. That was done by Mr Lickley.

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Sorry leonora you could tether back in 2000, you needed a smartphone.. I had A Treo Smartphone that could tether... but I cannot see Dr Vincent Tabak even bother tethering to be honest...

Tethering only shares the internet connection not the internet searches... So if he used his mobile phone to tether to his laptop.... All the searches would show up on his laptop, because it was the data connection he needed from his phone... (Tethering data plan of mobile device not transfering of written data) if I remember correctly..

Your Phone becomes the modem (PAM) 

Also if you say he used his mobile phone plan for tethering he's of had a major problem..... Data Plans were extremely limited in 2010... infact i don't know what data plans were available... they are only recently having data plans with any real data available on them... If he tethered it would have cost a fortune and would have shown up on his mobile phone bill...!!!

Found this for 2010... but tethering Not allowed.. You would need to establish which phone company Dr Vincent Tabak was with...



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