Other High Profile Cases and Persons of Interest > The murder of landscape architect Joanna Yeates in Bristol in December 2010.

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What time did Joanna Yeates leave "The Ram Pub"?????

We believe that is was 8:00pm.......

I at first thought that the Number in the left hand corner was part of The Time... But That was my error.... It is actually The Camera Number... 07 is the Toilet Camera and 08 is the camera as she leaves "The Ram Pub"...

So apologies for getting excited there... But The actual Timestamp is to the right of The date.... Why have they blurred this out again???

But with having 9 camera's why are there not more images ??

Question:.... why would a "pub" with such an extensive CCTV camera coverage have a "Black and White" camera positioned by the toilets... surely all internal camera's would have been colour?? As the CCTV covers not only the toilet entrance But the Doors leading into the Function Room to the left of Joanna Yeates....


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