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Was This A Twin Track Investigation?

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--- Quote from: Leonora on May 15, 2017, 03:24:27 PM ---
The local press, however, were better informed. They remembered DCI Bevan as a leading member of the team who had been flushing out new suspects for Melanie Hall's murder only months before Joanna disappeared.

That was when Joanna's parents were saying, "the police know more than they are saying". I think the cops KNEW she had been murdered by then, and even possibly that the body lay at Longwood Lane. I think they may have had a tip-off from the killer himself, or even from a crying girl.

--- End quote ---

A tip off from the killer himself, now that would fit the model perfectly.

More Procedure ..:..

--- Quote ---Investigation
Physical evidence
The three physical evidence strategies are built on the foundation of Locard’s Principle of Exchange, which states that ‘every contact leaves a trace’. They are:

crime scene strategy (see managing scenes)
forensic strategy
pathology strategy.
These three strategies are intricately interwoven and investigating officers should keep the objectives and outcomes of all three areas in mind when developing, reviewing and managing these strategies.

--- End quote ---

Managing of the Crime scene appear to be a little hap hazzard (IMO)... there were so many people entering and leaving the crime scene at any given time that plenty of transfer would be bound to happen...

--- Quote ---Types of physical evidence
physical material, eg, what has the offender touched and how was entry gained?
victim incapacitation, eg, what weapons were used?
sexual evidence
forensic awareness, eg, did the offender wear gloves?
offender injuries, eg, was the offender injured?
missing items, eg, what was stolen?
blood distribution, eg, which escape route was taken?
linking evidence, eg, what evidence would link the offender to the scene?

--- End quote ---

I believe they followed these instructions and worked with what was closest.... They knew that there was No Forced Entry.. but never come to the conclusion that Joanna yeates possibily left her Flat with someone know to her and they returned her items...

--- Quote ---Forensic strategy
The forensic strategy enables the potential of material recovered during crime scene examination to be maximised, and can help with:
--- End quote ---

I have attached an image with the strategies....
Cohoboration :

This must include... Independant confirmation of circumstances, critical fact or witness testimony and evidence of the culpability of a suspect.....

Where on that scale did Dr Vincent Tabak come????  Because if they followed these procedures he didn't come in the boundaries of the... Forensic Stratergy... (IMO)..


If as I believe DC Karen Thomas was part of "The Murder Investigation Team."... in this twin track operation, why did she persist in ringing and talking to Dr Vincent Tabak on so many occasions....???

She had seen him at his residence according to the trial transcript:

--- Quote ---At Line 292 of the prosecution chart
Tabak Googled the words
‘manslaughter sentencing’
Then he went to Wikipedia website to search the words
‘manslaughter in English law murder in English law’
Tabak left work at 5.06pm \on 22 Dec 2010
and at home he Googled
‘Los Angeles murder case’
At Line 305 of the prosecution chart
PC Karen Thomas went to 44 Canynge Road to search
--- End quote ---

She called him about two days later when he was at The Morson Family home... We do not know what the content of this particular phone call was, as this too was never played in court....

We jump from this to DC Karen Thomas dashing over to Holland with what can only be described as the intention to Interview Dr Vincent Tabak as a suspect and NOT cautioning him at the start of the "process" as she her self go gleefully says....

Once they had the OK from the CPS all action on the "Murder Inquiry Team"... were collecting evidence I believe to charge someone as a suspect...

As part of the Arrest strategy....

--- Quote ---Once a suspect has been identified, a strategy development approach can be adopted to gather material that will either implicate them in the offence or eliminate them. Every individual who falls within the suspect category must be treated in the same way. If there are specific reasons for not following the same procedure, these should be recorded in the crime report or policy file.
--- End quote ---

And the CPS advised the Police of the way to proceed in "The Planned Arrest".. of Dr Vincent Tabak....

It is my Strong Belief... that DC Karen Thomas went to Holland with the sole intention of gathering the evidence she would need to proceed with this planned arrest.... (IMO)

It has never been a coincidence that the 6 hour interview that Dr Vincent Tabak had in Holland... Is what Holland has a country allows this amount of time for the Initial interview as a suspect.. And that fact in itself.. should throw up "Flags " of what type of interview did Dr Vincent Tabak have in his native country of Holland...

DC Karen Thomas would most likely have been on the Twin Track "Murder Investigation Team"... and her insistence and her approach not only with Dr Vincent Tabak but CJ also... would have helped the team aggressively follow this line of enquiry... (IMO)...

She was never surprised by anything Dr Vincent Tabak had said in the Holland interview... she went there with the sole purpose of gathering evidence against him and collecting his DNA... (IMO)

--- Quote ---Timing an arrest
The way in which the identity of the suspect is discovered has a bearing on how and when an arrest should be made. If there is a choice, it is usually between making an early arrest and conducting a planned arrest. The decision about timing depends on a number of factors, which should be kept under continuous review. If the circumstances alter, the decision to make an immediate arrest or to delay it may have to be amended and the reasons for this recorded.
--- End quote ---

DC Kare Thomas had (IMO) seen Dr Vincent Tabak as a possible suspect early on in the investigation, she would not have had to keep contacting him about the disappearnce of his neighbour once he gave his inital statement when she was reported missing... yet it appears she badgered him on a regular basis in a the matter of days...

If DC Karen Thomas had such suspicions about Dr Vincent tabak there should be notes which cohoberate her suspicions and need a look at (IMO)...


I agree entirely. If DC Karen Thomas saw VT as a suspect before interviewing him in Holland on 31st December, there should be notes about this, and we need to know why.


--- Quote from: mrswah on May 15, 2017, 07:25:17 PM ---I agree entirely. If DC Karen Thomas saw VT as a suspect before interviewing him in Holland on 31st December, there should be notes about this, and we need to know why.

--- End quote ---

Completely agree....  She was hounding Dr Vincent Tabak as her regular contact with him suggests... So lets see those notes please DC Karen Thomas....


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