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Discrepancies in the Case/ Strange Procedures/ Perceived or Not..

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Many a time I have found things that I feel are questionable in this case...
So with a prompt.. Will Try and List some of what are conceivably "Discrepancies" and "Strange Procedures" In The Case against Dr Vincent Tabak..

(1): The appearance at Court 2 of The Old Bailey has to be a BIG eyebrow raiser... It is extremely unusual as far as I can find out.. For "A Simple Murder" to be seen in this Court Room..

--- Quote ---Court Two is the high-security court, and terrorist trials and the like often take place here.
--- End quote ---

Looking for any "Murder" trial's that have been heard in this Court Room 2.. I found it impossible to locate "Any" at this present time..

The following famous cases were not seen at "Court 2"

"The Yorkshire Ripper" 
"The Krays"
"Neilson [Black Panther]"
"Dennis Nilsen,"

These notorious Cases  were heard in "Court Room 1" and these particular cases were "Famous" and "Heinous"..  Dr Vincent Tabak's Case cannot compare to any of these Cases...(IMO).. and I find that his appearance at Court 2 of 'The Old Bailey".. Via Video Link, to be extremely perplexing... Not to diminish the 'Murder" of a young woman, but the type of case (IMO).. Is of no comparison to cases heard in Court 1.. Yet special dispensation appears to have been awarded to 'The Prosecution" to have "This Case"... heard in court 2..

The fact that it was also via video link causes me to "Question" the validity of this appearance.. If it's a highly secure Court Room... Then Dr Vincent Tabak should have appeared in person and "NOT" via video link... Or else he might as well of appeared in any "Court Room at The Old Bailey" via video link... It makes "NO" Sense whatsoever for his "Plea" appearance to be made via video link at "Court 2" of "The Old Bailey"...(IMO)

Someone seems to have moved heaven and earth to change the court date from it's original location at "Bristol Crown Court" to Court 2 at The Old Bailey"... So much so... very few were actually aware of the change of location...
Dr Vincent Tabak's Family were not in attendance as far as I am aware.... which with little contact with Dr Vincent Tabak one would imagine that they would be there for moral support...

People arrived at "Bristol Crown Court" hoping to see Dr Vincent Tabak at the 'Hearing" stage..
Many left disappointed and confused with the change of venue..

Were "The Tabak Family" informed of what was going to be happening at Court 2 of "The Old Bailey"?? I do not remember ever seeing any images of them attending Court 2.. Had someone Informed "The Tabak Family".. what was happening at Court 2 of "The Old Bailey"??

--- Quote ---Miss Yeates’s parents, David and Teresa, were in Court 2 of the Old Bailey to witness Tabak – who was appearing by videolink from Long Lartin prison where he is on remand – admit to killing their 25-year-old daughter.
--- End quote ---

So "WHY" The "SECRECY"???  If nothing unusual was taking place for this "Simple Murder Trial"????

What "Charges" "Perceived " or Not was Dr Vincent Tabak Facing... To attend, what is already a "High-Security Court" via "A Video Link" instead of with an Armed Guard at this High-Security Court for a 'Hearing" regarding "This Simple Murder"???




There are a variety of reasons why a trial venue is moved at the last minute, two of them being that the Judge was only available in London that day or because of security concerns at the original venue. 


--- Quote from: John on June 13, 2017, 02:12:09 AM ---There are a variety of reasons why a trial venue is moved at the last minute, two of them being that the Judge was only available in London that day or because of security concerns at the original venue.

--- End quote ---

Maybe a move in date an adjournment.... But A move In Location and A different Judge to Boot seems rather extraordinary, wouldn't you say so John??

As I'm no expert.. maybe someone could enlighten us on why this trial was "Moved"  and why the change of "Judge"

(2): Why would "The Head Of The Complex Case Unit be involved and see through to the end, this "Simple Murder Case"... When The Complex Case Unit deals with Complex Crimes?? Their 21 Criteria doesn't cover anything in relation to Dr Vincent Tabak's Crime, he's in Jail for...

I have said before the only use of "The Complex Crime Unit" in relation to Dr Vincent Tabak, would be to apply to "The Dutch Authorities for assistance in "Interviewing him...(IMO)..
 An Interview of 6 hours, which again in "Dutch Law" is the allotted time to interview a suspect, either apply for an "Extension".. Charge them or release them...

 DCI Phil Jones, DC Karen Thomas and Ann Reddrop... must all have been aware "That" The Interview in Holland of Dr Vincent Tabak was an "Interview" they would carry out as Dr Vincent Tabak being a suspect in this case..(IMO)

Yet... They "ALL" would have us believe that it was Dr Vincent Tabak's over interest In the Case that prompted the "Long" Interview and DNA test in Holland...  DCI Phil Jones stated.. that "All" witness's had provided a DNA Sample.. And DC Karen Thomas also declared "That it was at "The end of The Process" that they gained this DNA sample.. "The Process" being..(IMO) "The 6 hour Interview in Holland as a "Suspect" which I believe was obtained illegally... As they had "NOT" Cautioned Dr Vincent Tabak at the start of this "Process"..(IMO) This Interview became the start ...Setting into Motion a course of Events that Dr Vincent Tabak had "NO" control over...

A course of Events That Dr Vincent Tabak had insufficient Legal Guidance and Insufficient Knowledge of "English Law" to know whether or not.. That the "Interview" was "Legal" in the eye's of "English Law" ..(IMO).. Or that his "RIGHTS" had been 'ABUSED"...(IMO)..

So why did they "NOT" Caution Dr Vincent Tabak at the time this "Interview" started ?? Why was Dr Vincent Tabak, not given the legal right to have a Lawyer present at this 'Interview"??

Why has "The Media" not ever questioned "The Holland" Interview and how Dr Vincent Tabak was Questioned for 6 hours after a phone call being made about "A Car" changing position??

DC Karen Thomas had to have the legal ammunition to "Interview" Dr Vincent Tabak in a "Foreign Country".. she would not go over there without it rubber sealed ....(IMO)..

And Ann Reddrop I believe was "The" person who rubber stamped this Interview of Dr Vincent Tabak...(IMO).. when she claimed in a TV recorded Interview outside "Bristol Crown Court" that the "CPS" had come to her for advice in relation to this case in late December 2010... Showing us that she had actively "Pursued" Dr Vincent Tabak as a "SUSPECT" in "The Murder of Joanna Yeates" without any "SOLID EVIDENCE" to support this theory.. (IMO)..

Therefore holding herself responsible for the "Arrest", "Incarceration" and "Subsequent Trial" of Dr Vincent Tabak were (IMO)... he received unfair treatment in this CASE from "Start" to Finish"...



--- Quote from: John on June 13, 2017, 02:12:09 AM ---There are a variety of reasons why a trial venue is moved at the last minute, two of them being that the Judge was only available in London that day or because of security concerns at the original venue.

--- End quote ---

Exactly what my ex-lawyer husband says, John! 

However, it does seem that nobody who knew VT, or who would have recognised him, attended, and one might ask why not.


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