Other High Profile Cases and Persons of Interest > The murder of landscape architect Joanna Yeates in Bristol in December 2010.

Discrepancies in the Case/ Strange Procedures/ Perceived or Not..

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--- Quote from: Leonora on September 30, 2017, 12:04:28 PM ---I don't agree that the paper is folded differently in the different photos of this note. On the contrary, it looks like exactly the same note, but subject to weathering and the attentions of a very small worm or caterpillar crawling up the left margin. It had probably been lurking in one of the flowers. The apparent change in the colour of the ink could have been caused by weathering or damp, but it could equally well be attributable to the different ligting used to take the original photos, or to the photofinishing carried out prior to uploading the images.

--- End quote ---

Glad thats been cleared up....  ?{)(**


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