Disappeared and Abducted Children and Young Adults > A current list of British and Irish children, young adults and other people currently reported as missing.

Some of Britain's lost children who have never been found.

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Patrick Warren

Patrick was just 11 when he and his best friend David went missing 19 years
ago – leaving both families sick with worry.

A number of people claimed to have spotted the boys over the years but no
reports have been verified.

Police and the boys’ families have always feared something awful happened to
them, especially as Patrick’s new bike, his Christmas present, was found
abandoned outside the shop where they were last seen.

Sandy Davidson

Sandy, a blonde Scottish boy, disappeared in 1976 when he was just three years

The tot was playing with his little sister in the back garden of his house in
Irvine, North Ayrshire, when their dog escaped from the side gate and Sandy
followed to catch him – both disappeared without a trace.

Sandy’s parents believe he may have been taken by a man who was delivering
leaflets at the time, although other suggest both he and the dog could have
fallen in the nearby river.

In February 2015, police spoke to a man who claimed he was abducted and abused
by a woman in the same area in 1976, but Sandy’s case remains unresolved.

Katrice Lee

Little Katrice disappeared from an army shopping complex in West Germany,
where she lived in British Army quarters, on her second birthday in 1979.

Police believe she was abducted and raised by another family elsewhere in
Europe and knows nothing of her true identity.

Katrice’s mum was carrying her around the supermarket and went back to get
some crisps, leaving the tot with the rest of the family – who thought she
followed her mum, but when she returned her daughter was nowhere to be seen.

Katrice had a pink birthmark slightly to the right of the base of her spine
and a slight squint in her left eye, which could be fixed by surgery or may
cause her to need glasses.

Three recent sightings of Katrice came after her story appeared on BBC’s
Missing Live programme, where an image of what she may look like as a
29-year-old was shown.

Madeleine McCann

The disappearance of Madeleine has been one of the most high-profile missing
child cases in the world.

But with the recent passing of the ninth year anniversary of her disappearance,
authorities are no closer to knowing what happened to her when she went missing
from her bed in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on 3rd May 2007.

The three-year-old was left with her baby twin siblings asleep in a
ground-floor apartment while the McCanns and friends dined at a restaurant
50 metres away.

Despite carrying out checks on the three children Madeleine went missing
at around 10pm.

A number of potential leads have emerged since the little girl vanished, but
none amounted to anything and no arrests have ever been made. The current
joint investigation involving both Portuguese and Scotland Yard is being wound down.

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Ben Needham

Ben disappeared when he was just two years old from Kos, Greece in 1991 while
on holiday with his parents.

He had been left in his grandparentsí care while his mum went to work and was
playing outside the house when the adults noticed he had disappeared at
around 2.30pm.

There have been more than 300 sightings of boys matching Benís description
reported on the Greek mainland and islands, mostly shortly after he

The Needham family believe that Ben was kidnapped with the intention of
selling him for adoption, or he was taken by child traffickers. However,
there is no evidence and some consider an accident more likely.

More recently an informant suggested that Ben may have been acciudently run
over by a mechanical excavator and his body buried nearby. English police undertook
extensive digs in and around the house on Kos but found no sign of the toddler.

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