Alleged Miscarriages of Justice > Billy Middleton and the death of his daughter in a house fire at Brae, Shetland Isles.

Introduction to the Billy Middleton case

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--- Quote from: John on May 23, 2012, 12:56:10 PM ---Popular?  I don't think anyone outside of Lerwick knows who he is anyway.  An anonymous admin on a website and a forum, he never posts using his real name any more and hasn't done so for years.  I have heard of low profiles before but if his was any lower he would be a snake.   @)(++(*

Undoubtedly the imminent civil case in which he is the respondent will enhance his reputation somewhat.  From what I hear though he is trying like hell to get out of that one.  So much for his boast after the first criminal trial that he would pursue every opportunity to clear his name.

--- End quote ---

Hello. I realise I'm late here but do you know what the outcome of the civil case was please?


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