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Re: Adrian Prout - Plea by Richard Wakefield (Kate prout's brother)
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Had Prout shown signs of violence before, John? Sorry to be a greenhorn.

In a word, yes.  He knocked her about a few times and threatened to throw her into an empty outdoor swimming pool on one occasion after nearly strangling her.  He was arrested after that but due to a lack of corroboration he was never charged.  Kate kept diaries detailing the incidents and these helped convict him in the end.  In the end he did strangle her in the living room of the farmhouse.

After Prout confessed, one of the special cadaver dogs called Eddie was brought into the house and signalled a positive response for a corpse in the lounge.  I believe Eddie was also used in the Madeleine McCann case.

What on earth did any woman see when they looked at Prout? A balding, desperate worm. Poor Kate. Lying under a pile of leaf-mould, while he fathered another child. And sucked that stupid, needy woman in.

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