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Murder victim left 626,000 inheritance
« on: March 03, 2012, 11:12:40 PM »
Murder victim left 626,000 inheritance to millionaire husband convicted of her killing.

A wife murdered by her millionaire farmer husband left him more than 600,000 in her will, it was revealed today.

Kate Prout disappeared three years ago and her body has never been found but a jury found she had been killed at the her hands of her husband Adrian, 47.

He was convicted of murder and jailed for 18 years in February last year, but remained the main beneficiary of the 55-year-old's will.

It was revealed today that Mrs Prout left her killer a gross estate of 626,463 and when her affairs were settled that amount dropped to 626,190.

However, British law forbids Prout from receiving any of the money because he carried out the killing.

Kate's family will instead inherit her estate.