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Mr Justice Drake - Summing-up.
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Summing-up statements, October 1986...
"Why should I look for somebody else?  Who?  Harrumph!!!   It wasn't Sheila!... we've proved it wasn't Sheila!!  It was Jeremy Bamber." -
(Mike Ainsley)

"The key issue for me was getting to the truth.  I'm left with the conclusion that there is no doubt in my mind that Jeremy Bamber committed these offences... he murdered five members of his family." -
(Jeanette McDiarmid - Metropolitan Police Murder Review Unit - Operation Stokenchurch)

"I know for a fact that Sheila had no idea how to use a rifle, or to reload one.  She'd never done any shooting in her life.  This took a marksman's skill... twenty-three bullets and they nearly all found their target and had to be reloaded twice apparently.  It's impossible...
So everything that Jeremy is saying is an absolute myth, it's fantasy and that's the end of the story for me." -
(Colin Caffell)

"My brother-in-law said to me as Jeremy turned round and gave a massive great smile... He said to me - "Jeremy did it, didn't he?".
And that's, I think, the point where we hadn't got any doubts." -
(David Boutflour at the funeral of the Bamber family)