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Lots of us have worries about the Covid-19 virus, so thought that a new thread in this section might be useful.

Our daughter who is like a "Mother Hen" to us , especially atm, is medical.   She has been stood down because of the extra dangers to dentists and she is scouring the internet for tips and info.  We are getting at least 6 emails per day at present.  She also is full of ideas herself.

Tip 1

Keep your right pocket for new sterile gloves/99% wipes  etc

In your left pocket keep a small polythene bag. 

All used gloves wipes etc go into there, unless a suitable bin is available

Then bin it immediately.

wash your hands, or sterilize them immediately

Tip 2

When washing your hands do it vigourously ... and do it thoroughly, between the fingers and he backs of the hand, undr the nails if possible

Sing the song 'Happy Birthday to me' twice through ... and that should be sufficient time to do a good job

If you have it, a drop of 99.9% sanitiser wouldn't go amiss, particularly if you are a bit worried about having touched something

Tip 3

Make your home and your car virus free areas, so that you can touch anything safely in either place

If around and about, as your leave the house pull the door closed with either the key or with fresh gloved hands. 

Open the car door with gloves on (unless the handle has been freshly sanitised).  Take the gloves off turning them inside out, before getting in the car and immediately put them in a plastic bag or similar for contaminated stuff.  Dispose of these items asap.

Upon reaching the shops, put clean gloves on and depart the door in a sterile manner.  You might want to put on a face mask at this time but bear in mind that

i)   the masks are only good for about 20 minutes, when they become saturatd.  I don't know whether this is true of more advanced masks
ii)  Other peoples sneezing can still land on you.

If you have, or may have, the virus, or any signs ... and absolutely must go out ... then it is imperative you put the face mask on and if posssible change it regularly for the safety of others and to slow down the progress of of the virus

These masks are far more use for keeping coughs and sneezes/ virus to the already affected wearer than they are to people who are free of the virus

Take the trolley back.  You have been wearing clean gloves so little need to wipe the trolley handle.

Open the car boot and doors electronically if possible cos it is imperative that the interior of the car remains a safe zone.  Have a special designated box/s inside .  Everything foodwise or shopping wise goes in there.

Before getting into the car, but with the door open take your gloves off, turning them inside out and one glove encapsulated into the other.  Straight into the plastic bag in your left pocket or a designated plastic bag in the car

There is a special technique for taking both gloves off without touching the possibly contaminated outer surface, but I haven't the energy atm to go thru that.

I feel that I have missed bits here, but I think that you will get the gist.   Keep contamination out of your car and house.  Take used gloves off before entering either, then you have two safe zones and your car is effectively an extension to your virus free home.

Tip 4

Try and buy in small lots then you can pay by the special none contact device on your card.   You dont want to be touching buttons or keying in numbers on pads, which will become infected.  Go in several times and buy in small lots unless you are wearing special gloves. 

Neither do you want to be handling dirty cash.

Try and buy when shops are quiet, with no-one to infect you.  They say that at 2 metres, you are safe, but if you are short or in a wheelchair, maybe keep a little further away from the nearest person if you can


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