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Jennifer Jeffley and the 1996 murder of Catalina Palomino


"In 1996 Catalina Palomino was murdered in her apartment on Sabo Road in Houston, Texas. Jennifer Jeffley, a 15-year-old neighbour, confessed to the murder and was found guilty of capital murder - but she now maintains her innocence. I'm Danni and I'll be looking at the evidence in this case and assessing whether or not Jennifer was involved in this crime."

Hi all,

Not a UK case but I'm UK-based and doing a deep dive into this murder on my podcast, 10601 Sabo. The case was covered by popular "wrongful conviction" podcaster Bob Ruff in Season 10 of his show Truth and Justice, but I believe he made significant errors and left out key information to support a narrative of Jennifer Jeffley being innocent.

I'd really appreciate listens and feedback!



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