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Case of Matej Peris missing in Belgrade, Serbia.
« on: March 20, 2022, 01:24:16 PM »
Hello everyone. I haven't been here for a while.

I need your help, it is about a high profile case that is not related to Madeleine. Please can you advise me where to ask this question and I will remove the question after this. (I am sorry admins for posting unrelated cases) but I have been searching for an answer to this for days and days.

It is about the case of missing Matej Peris in Belgrade, Serbia. He was a tourist and he disappeared about 7-8 hours after he entered the country at 1:50 on 31.12.2021. I can speak Croatian and I have been following the case since it first time appeared in the media. Since that day the whole Balkans is crazy, the coverage is similar to Madeleine with articles coming out every minute.

Now my question and I hope you can advise me on where to ask this - hopefully some area on the internet where policing methods are discussed:

In their first and only reconstruction video Serbian police says that mobile phone signal of Matej Peris is matching the route of an object in the river Sava. The young guy is seen running in the streets of Belgrade after midnigh after leaving a night club, he run for around 8 minutes, without a jacket, only in a t-shirt and then he comes to a huge terrace next to a river and he disappears but there is no proof he ever entered the river.

Now, the signal of his mobile phone is confusing.  There is an object in the river but we cannot clearly say it is a person.  The police said the mobile phone of MP is in the river, matching this object. My question is: how can the police get the signal INSIDE THE RIVER? If he was inside and the mobile phone was in his pocket how can this mobile phone communicate with the mobile phone towers? MP's father said the mobile phone was switched off the internet due to roaming charges, he thinks but the mobile  phone's data was switched off so the police has only the cellular signal to work on plus maybe the GPS but this is also in question. How then the police can find the exact position of the phone? The phone was a waterproof Samsung A21. So, the police says this phone was sending the signal from inside the river twice at the beginning (at 2:03 AM  and 2:06 AM)  and THEN 2.5 hours later ( at 4:15 AM)  from the area near an uninhabited island ( they cannot find the exact position because the phone was contacting only two phone masts) Again a mystery: how can a phone of a potentially dead person who drown in the river send a signal from a bottom of the river after 2.5 hours inside the river? ( the police contacted Samsung and was told the phone can work only half an hour after being in the water)

This has been bothering me for a month, I really searched everywhere I could.

I am asking you for a guidance, is there any forum area I can ask this question?

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