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Kevin Craigie and the murder of Kenneth Rothwell

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Kevin Craigie:
Kevin Craigie was charged under Joint Enterprise in 1990. A man was repeatedly hit over the head with a piece of wood by the sole culprit. He was there and states that his sole intention was to stay the night and go to work in the morning. The case went to the Old Bailey and lasted three weeks. On the fifth day the Judge invited Craigie to plead guilty to manslaughter in return for an eight year sentence. Craigie claims he refused as he was not guilty. According to Craigie the jury then twice requested to acquit him but were instructed to convict or acquit both defendants. How could they acquit both, knowing he was responsible for his victims death ! They convicted both, and both received a life sentence.

In 1992 Craigie commenced a hunger strike, in order for the establishment to take notice. The appeal was rejected after two weeks in 1992. His co accused Mark Fuller then confessed to his probation officer that he alone did it and he felt guilty that Craigie had received a life sentence. It went to the CCRC, and they then concluded the Probation Officers account was hearsay! They never even interviewed her.  Craigie was released in 2003, and together with his Lawyer Malcolm Hannaford  prepares for the next round with the CCRC, then the COA. Craigie states that his goal is to get to the ECHR.

Kevin Craigie:
Yes that was in Liverpool 2010. Emma Bradley is standing next to me. Her husband Robert Bradley is not guilty, serving life under Joint Enterprise. Sinead is next to her, her husband Kevin life under Joint Enterprise

Kevin Craigie:
I have two Facebook pages as it is limited to 5000. I changed the Justice on Appeal page after I closed down that charity. I had previously agreed to take over from the original M.D. It's reputation was justifiably appalling. Once all the cases were safe, they were either returned to their owners or with their permission forwarded to nominated or suggested Lawyers. This period also demonstrated to me just how vulnerable people are when in despair.

Kevin Craigie:
Thanks, if you e mail me I shall send you my summary. It is one of the strongest cases, and after reading hundreds I am entitled to say that objectively.

Someone was trying to impersonate me last year, and I expect this was to try and discredit me. Someone, perhaps the same person or persons was also messaging people saying that I was an alcoholic. Well, perhaps I should be after enduring 22 years of hell, but I'm not. I seldom drink alcohol, as it gives me a pounding headache.

I was initially really excited when I met some of these organisations. The reality is rather depressing, and the consequences can and do directly effect not only the person saying they are innocent but their Families and the entire MOJO movement. Iris Bentley, Ludovic Kennedy and Paul Foot used to correspond with me regularly. It is people like them who inspired me and influenced me to take the direction that I have done. They are all gone now, but their legacy has not.

Kevin Craigie:
Heaven from Hell

By Kevin Craigie, from insidetime issue April 2011

I was convicted under “Joint Enterprise” in 1991, and received a mandatory life sentence. The entire case against me was littered with blatant lies...


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