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Who is Adam over on the JB Forum....he is awfully good

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....as well as a tad mischievous I think.  8(0(*

He puts his points across well but really winds up the more bizarre people there. I have to say I agree with much of what he says.

He starts his posts with sentences like "Having established with my last post that Jeremy is guilty...."

It doesn't alf cause a fuss!

In actual fact I like some of the posts people make there, there are some sensible people there too but my goodness it gets heated sometimes.

Just wondering if "Adam" is a poster moonlighting from here .

He is at it again........has started a thread with the "questions the pro-Bamber people must answer".

They are fuming.....am amazed that Mike Tesko hasn't banned him to be honest.

I cant see why Mike should ban him. Adam is entitled to his view as any of the Bamber followers. Would be unfair to ban him for for believing Bamber guilty. Years ago, when the blue forum was set up there was an equal mix of pro and guilters, it made for some great posts. Theyre just going over old ground now, its all been done before. I still pop over for a read.

They're not furious as far as I can see, they're debating it and nobody is being 'out of order', 'horrible' et al. Mike has no reason to ban him, infact he's been very chatty lately and answering people's question but he did that before. Most of the posters who post on both use their own names or the same user name. I couldn't get my own when I re-joined so I had to shorten it.
I don't even know why we have to have a board dedicated to them, let them debate what they like, they don't cause us any trouble, I think if there's an issue, join them and sort it out rather than antagonise them here.
Awaits, second ban    ?>)()<

I can understand why Mike wouldn't allow Scipio to join the blue forum (presumably that's still the case.) After a couple of Scipio's brilliant posts Mike, and especially Gladys, would just resort to sarcasm and abuse.


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