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What is Kevin Craigie guilty of?

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Kevin Craigie was convicted in 1991 of the Joint Enterprise murder of Kenneth Rothwell in his home in London.  His co accused was a Mark Fuller.  Craigie went on to serve a 13 year sentence but Fuller only served 10 years.  Fuller later admitted to clubbing Mr Rothwell over the head with a piece of wood while Craigie for his part says that he tried to intervene and was accidentally hit by Fuller.

Craigie admits that Mr Rothwell was still alive and breathing after the attack but he and Fuller failed to provide any assistance to the victim who later died of his injuries. Craigie and Fuller then set about ransacking the property and stole several items from the house.  They also stole Mr Rothwell's car and were later picked up by police driving the wrong way up a one-way street in London.

In recent years Craigie has been involved with the Citizens Advice Bureau rising to the post of Deputy Manager. He has also been involved with the Justice on Appeal Group and claimed to be the Managing Director while Darren Bolger was registered as a Director.

Darren Thomas Bolger, a 41 year old male from SW19, was found to have taken amounts of money prior to starting building works such as residential extensions and loft conversions under the name of several different companies including Building Matters London Ltd. Once he had obtained money from the home owners he would then leave the works unfinished and only return to collect his tools.

Thanks to the diligent work by officers from Hammersmith and Fulham led by DC Angela Mills and DS Richard Gilbert,  Bolger received a three year custodial sentence at Norwich Crown Court due to one of the victims being a QC who occasionally sat in London Court. The trial was scheduled for three weeks but actually ran for four months. Witnesses were flown in from America and three defence witnesses were arrested for failing to answer summonses.

After Bolger's conviction for fraud in April 2012, Craigie took over running the Justice on Appeal group.

We have been informed by individuals named as Trustees by Craigie on the Charity Commission return for this group that they were neither aware of this, had never signed any documentation in relation to this nor had they ever had any meetings with their fellow Trustees.


The O'Connell Monument In Photos dot Org

Jun 12, 2009 ... Kevin Craigie says: July 4, 2010 at 10:55 am. Makes me proud to be an O
Connell, even though they put me up for adoption in 1969 to avoid ...

Played himself!Hurt a lot of people with his gameplay though! UNFORGIVABLE

I know this sounds petty and revengeful (but it's not, it's for the right reasons) but is there a way to warn all these groups and the people he's telling he's representing that he's a liar and he will do nothing to help them because they don't deserve him and they'd be better off using other channels and avenue who will do as they say.
They could even put their cases on here, the majority of people on here are sensible and could give the people who need it some constructive help and support.
I don't know enough to help people on my own and having been 'had' by him as it were, I'm now in a position where i don't know how else I can help people or tell them where to turn to, they don't deserve anymore rubbish.


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