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Kevin Craigie - Judge Capstick's Summing Up - March 1991


Judge Capstick's Summing Up - March 1991

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Why has Craigie underlined the obvious?

It is obvious for all to see that he and his co-defendent were both responsible for the murder of Mr Rothwell.

Criaigie you will NEVER overturn your conviction for the simple reason.. YOU ARE GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Your denial has been noted and your continuous criminal activities have also been noted...

You a raving lunatic imho.... you should never have been released from custody....

I am fearful that you have moved to London for another purpose other than to 'start a fresh?'

Why are you being allowed to work with vulnerable adults?

Why are you being allowed to continue with your crimes?

You appear to have serious delusions of grandeur and appear to be riddled with hatred...

KEVIN CRAIGIE imho you are not to be trusted!

You continue to LIE, CHEAT and THIEVE!!!! When do you plan on holding your hands up for what you have done and come clean?


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