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Kevin Craigie - Initial Police Interview - 3 June 1990

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This is the transcript of the Police Interview conducted by Det Inspector William Smith and Det Sgt McAllister with Kevin Craigie on 3rd June 1990 (day after Kenneth Rothwell's murder)

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KEVIN CRAIGIE you haven't really changed a whole lot have you?

You lied all those years ago and you lie now...! You don't stop lying!

Your witness statement with the police says it all - you are a nasty, vile piece of s..m! You have shown no remorse and you continue with your criminal behaviour! Did prison teach you nothing?

DI - 'What did you take from the house'

Craigie - 'We put stuff in a bag to kid on it wee a burlgar'

What's this all about then Craigie? Why didn't you phone 999 and get help for Mr Rothwell?

CRAIGIE uses the word 'presuming' all the time but in response to his own answers under caution...??!!!  8-)(--)

The guy is an out and out liar! He and Fuller have just murdered someone and when asked if it was raining - he replies, 'no it was cold though.'

DI Smith - 'Kevin I'll put it to you, that you and Mark go intentionally to be picked up by poofs, as you call them, homosexuals, with intention of either rolling them or getting money off them by blackmail or other means. Is that right?'

Can you tell us more about this KEVIN CRAIGIE?


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