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South Yorkshire Police end latest search for Ben Needham.

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Police search for Ben ends.

Police investigating the disappearance of toddler Ben Needham in Kos have concluded their three-week search for information on the Greek island.

Ben, from Sheffield, was 21 months old when he disappeared on 24 July 1991.

Searches have taken place over the past 21 days after it emerged he may have been accidentally killed by a digger driver.

More than 800 tonnes of soil was dug up, with items of interest sent back to the UK for forensic analysis.

Det Insp John Cousins, who is leading the investigation, said: "I've got the confidence that we have done exactly what we can, given the plans we had before we came out here so that I can give an answer, whatever that might be, to Ben's family."

He said he was proud of his team: "It has been a difficult job, the conditions have been extremely hot and very dusty and they are long hours they have been working."

The Help Find Ben Needham campaign thanked South Yorkshire Police, Hellenic search and rescue workers and the media for their work over the past three weeks.
Image caption Items of interest have been sent back to the UK for forensic analysis

Police are expected to hold a briefing on Monday for a further update on the progress of the search.

Ben vanished from a farmhouse, which his grandfather was renovating, in the village of Iraklis.

Officers are working on the theory that Konstantinos Barkas, who died of cancer in 2015, might be responsible for Ben's death.
Image caption Ben Needham went missing on the Greek island of Kos in July 1991 when he was 21 months old

Over the past three weeks, digs took place near the farmhouse where he was last seen and a second site 750m away.

A team of 19 South Yorkshire Police officers, forensic specialists, an archaeologist and search and rescue personnel have been excavating the area as a result of a television appeal in May, which brought the theory about Mr Barkas to the attention of the force.



Ben Needham search: Mother 'in limbo and can't say goodbye'.

The mother of Ben Needham feels "in limbo" and "can't say goodbye" after a renewed police search to find the missing toddler failed to find him.

A three-week search involving members of South Yorkshire Police on the Greek island of Kos - where Ben disappeared in 1991 - ended on Sunday.

Police are yet to find Ben while a full update from the latest update is set to take place on Monday.

Ben's mother, Kerry Needham, claimed she has now been urged by police to end her 25-year search.

But she insisted she can't say goodbye knowing her son is "still on that island somewhere".

Kerry Needham has searched for her son for 25 years.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Ms Needham, whose son disappeared after travelling to Kos with his mother and grandparents, said the latest results had left her "in limbo".

"They know he's dead but just can't find him. Police said it's time we ended our 25-year search", she said.

"They are right but I can't say goodbye knowing he's still on that island somewhere. I feel physically sick. I can't feel any worse than I do.

"He didn't leave Kos, he didn't walk away ... Somebody didn't take him, so he's here somewhere. They believe he is there but they can't dig in everyone's gardens or homes that have been built over the years.

"I want to tear up the whole island to find him".

The latest search operation was prompted by information that a digger driver, Konstantinos Barkas, may have been responsible for Ben's death, as he was clearing land near where the toddler had been playing on the day he vanished.

Mr Barkas is believed to have died from stomach cancer last year.

South Yorkshire Police said on Sunday: "The physical search of two sites on Kos, Greece, has formally come to an end.

"Work continues behind the scenes as officers begin to process the findings from each site".

During the search, officers accumulated more than 60 items of interest which will be brought back to the UK for examination.



--- Quote from: colombosstogey on October 15, 2016, 06:22:45 AM ---I am not surprised to be honest. Again the police are acting on information from a friend of a friend, who has passed away and cannot actually confirm one way or the other if it could have been true. 

I feel he is further away from the area just a feeling i have had.  I dont think money has been wasted, i think they should have more and send in the dogs.

--- End quote ---

Weren't the dogs noticeable by their absence?   

The perfect opportunity for CSI dogs and not one was deployed.  Instead we have plod raking through rubble trying to spot something of interest whereas a properly trained cadaver dog would have swooped in immediately on any human remains.

Despite no proof whatsoever the blame game has begun!!

'I hope he’s burning in hell': Ben Needham's mum slams digger driver who 'took secret to his grave'.


Headline on news, Police say Ben died in accident.


--- Quote from: Slartibartfast on October 17, 2016, 01:06:14 PM ---Headline on news, Police say Ben died in accident.

--- End quote ---

There is no proof of this, merely speculation and another man very possibly wrongly accused.


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