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Family of digger driver suspected of killing Ben Needham may sue Kerry Needham.

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As pointed out last week it is a criminal offence in Greece to libel or slander the deceased.  In a remarkable turn of events it has now been revealed that the family of digger driver Constantinos Barkas are contemplating suing Kerry Needham for the comments she made about him after DCI Jon Cousins insinuated that he could have accidentally driven over Ben during site clearance work and hidden his body.

Family of digger driver suspected of killing Ben Needham to sue Kerry

22 October 2016

The son and daughter of the Greek digger driver suspected of accidentally killing Ben Needham are suing the toddler's mother, Kerry, according to reports.

Chrysovalandis Barkas and Maria Tsechou accused Kerry Needham of undermining their family's reputation after the 43-year-old said she hoped their father was 'burning in hell'.

They said their 'patience had run out' with Mrs Needham after her outburst following a police investigation that incriminated their father, Konstantinos Barkas.

Mrs Tsechou told the Times newspaper:
We have a family reputation to uphold and my personal patience, even as a mother, was exhausted when Ben's mother last week uttered what she did. How dare she?



Digger driver’s family sue mother of Ben Needham

Anthee Carassava, Athens
22 October 2016

A targeted search by British police led to findings that implicated a Greek construction worker.

The children of a Greek digger driver presumed to have crushed Ben Needham in a construction accident 25 years ago are taking legal action against the British toddler’s mother.

Maria Tsechou and Chrysovalandis Barkas accused Kerry Needham of sullying the memory of their father by saying that she hoped he was “burning in hell”.

The siblings are also challenging the findings of a three-week investigation on the Greek island of Kos this month, led by British police, which incriminated their father, Konstantinos “Dinos” Barkas.

“Enough with this horrid affair,” Mrs Tsechou said. “I kept silent for weeks, tending to the…


In 2012, the Tom Parry of the Mirror tracked down Mr Barkas who confirmed he was excavating earth
for a property to be built 50 yards from the house where the Needhams were staying.

Speaking at the time in what was his first ever interview, he told us: “Yes, I was the man with the JCB that day. Loads of earth were being taken to clear the ground for the new house.

“I think people were misled in thinking the child was abducted. Could there have been an accident? I don’t think so but no one really knows what happened.

“The little boy was two years old and the thorns in that field were as high as my waist.”

And that was all he would say. I wanted to ask about where he dumped the excavated earth, whether Ben could have strayed into his path and who else had been there.

But he insisted the conversation was over. “No, no, no more,” he blurted out in pidgin English.

"I was asked to leave and had the impression it could get nasty if I overstayed my welcome.

I feel sure Barkas, and others I spoke with, did not tell me all they knew.

Mr Barkas also revealed he had given a ­statement to police.


So it's against the law in Greece to hope publicly that a dead person is burning in hell is it?  That seems very reasonable.  Not.


--- Quote from: Alfie on October 25, 2016, 02:00:43 PM ---So it's against the law in Greece to hope publicly that a dead person is burning in hell is it?  That seems very reasonable.  Not.

--- End quote ---

Insulting the dead without justification is not a good idea in Greece.


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