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Convicted murderer Kevin Craigie's new website.

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I thought you would enjoy this work of art fiction.

Matthew Wyse:

--- Quote from: John on November 30, 2012, 01:09:15 AM ---I thought you would enjoy this work of art fiction.

--- End quote ---

What a fraud Craigie he trying to be a young Santa Claus now??   @)(++(*

He writes...

Lets hope my new Lawyers shall be will the ones who assit in securing my justifiable exoneration for a crime I did not and could not have ever committed.

What?  Jointly lured a defenceless gent into a false sense of security before killing him and then robbing his home before making off in his car?

Very innocent indeed! 

Matthew Wyse:
Looks like he has been writing his own comments again.  Leanne and Billyboy  @)(++(*

Padgates staff:
I can see him being so handy when a wall needs plastering and the kitchen needs a refit.
In the words of the wise one- hamster bolloks.
If KC is not guilty, I've got hamster bollocks too.


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