Author Topic: By Attacking Michael Rosen as an [ censored word]emite..  (Read 797 times)

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Brietta posted on 10/04/2022 “But whether or not that is the reason behind the delay I am certain that Brueckner's trial is going to take place.”

Let’s count the months, shall we?

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Re: By Attacking Michael Rosen as an [ censored word]emite..
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Has Rachel Riley exposed just how risible some of the claims of [ censored word]emitism in the media are ?

Plain and Simple it is a witch hunt by the few  to control the many. A frustrated dictator by all accounts- Many of them around!  Being good at maths does not make one intelligent.

We have to accept to lower our 'flags'  and accept that every race,colour,creed of human life has good and evil within it. And we should all be able to 'out' and debate freely any subject.
'Never underestimate the power of stupid people'... George Carlin